Reduced Food Waste

In a closed food cycle, the fresh food waste is always used for its highest value. That can be as ingredients in broth, larger productions of food. If it can't be used before it losses freshness, it can always be fed to the livestock, or even composted.

Ugly food is kept within the community, and usually sold at lower prices to residents looking to use their cash for something more important.

Plant Rich Diet

The Best Sources of Plant Based Protein

Plant Rich Diet

Non-Drawdown Strategies

Brew Hub Club

Imaging home brewing with a 100 gallon steam kettle. Much faster. Share equipment with the community and pay for a steward to help improve quality and supervise the cleanup and bio-film build up. This ensures optimal quality for each participant.

Value Added Processing

Utilizing processing remains to make nutrient dense broths for the community.

On-site food processing is constantly generating left-overs. The traditional destination for those materials is the stock pot or broth. Citadels work with the Stewards to provide an abundance of cost effective, highly nutritious broths. For more information on the benefits health benefits of broth, see this link.

Mobile Livestock Processing

Small scale compost facilities