Performing Arts

Acting, Dancing, Singing

Fourth & Fifth Grade

PS 7 Academy

Mr. Woodworth :)

Musical Theatre: Lesson#1 (Week of 3/23 - 3/29)

~Watch the performance of "Revolting Children" by the cast of Matilda.

~Identify the elements of Musical Theatre that you noticed in the song (Formations, Levels, Movement Patterns, Tableaus, Energy, Tempo, Dance Moves).

~Write a reflection connecting the elements of your Beatles songs rehearsals/performance to "Revolting Children".

~Feel free to add any additional thoughts and feelings about your Beatles songs/rehearsals/performances.

~Submit your reflection on my DRAMA GOOGLE CLASSROOM page :)

Choreography: Lesson #2 (Week of 3/30 - 4/5)

~Watch and copy the dance moves at the same time.

~Try to break the video down into small sections in order to make it easier (the repetition will help you retain the moves better).

~Write a reflection where you talk about: which moves are your favorites, which part of the dance is difficult, would you alter/change any dance moves to moves you know, etc.

~Submit your reflection on my DRAMA GOOGLE CLASSROOM page :)

Shakespeare: Lesson #3

(Week of 4/6 - 4/12)

~Watch the video about Romeo and Juliet.

~Take notes while you watch the video in order to help you write a summary of the story.

~Email me your summary.

~Submit your reflection on my DRAMA GOOGLE CLASSROOM page :)

*Virtual Tour: Globe Theater (Week of 4/13 - 4/19)

~If you have an ipad or iphone then download the Shakespeare Globe 360 app (it's free!)

~Take a tour of this theater in England (watch videos, read information)

~Submit a reflection about the theater on Google Classroom (*this is optional, you do not have to write a reflection since we are taking various virtual field trips with our classes and schools) :)

Special Picture Slideshow: Project #1 (Weeks of 4/20 - 5/3)

~Create a sign thanking someone from PS7 (a class, teacher, staff member, friend, etc).

~Take a picture (try to be expressive with your face: happy, sad).

~Your parents are welcome to be in the picture!

~Examples of signs: I miss Zumba, PS7 Forever!, You're the best, Mr Smith, I'll Never Forget You, Mr Chin! #PS7Community

~Try to make the sign stand out and pop!

~It would be nice to bring our amazing students and beautiful staff together in a picture slideshow music video for our PS7 website!!

Tongue Twisters w/ FLIPGRID: Lesson #4

(Weeks of 5/4 - 5/17)

~We always do vocal warmups for Acting and Singing (i.e. My Mother Made Me Mash My M & M's and Toy Boat, Toy Boat, Toy Boat).

~Click on the engVid link to the right and try some of the Tongue Twisters!

~See how you and your family members do while working on articulation! Try reciting the tongue twisters 1x each, 2x each, 3x each.

~Record a video on FlipGrid of you reciting the tongue twisters! Use the link below :)

(Check my Drama Google Classroom page for the Assignment)

Lesson #5 : The Beatles Flipgrid Style (Weeks of 5/11 - 5/24)

~Watch the montage of Beatles songs.

~Record yourself singing one of your class Beatles songs on Flipgrid!

Code: f7ad4524

~Be expressive with your facial expressions and physical movements., make eye contact, show emotion, use props and have fun!

The Mirror Game: Lesson #6 (Week of 5/25 - 5/31)

~This a fun game that can be played with you and a family member! *Be sure to be 6 feet a part (Social Distancing).

~Determine who is Partner A and who is Partner B.

~Partner A faces Partner B (there is an imaginary mirror in between the two of you).

~Take turns with leading and following.

~Try using facial expressions, emotions, your hands, legs, varied distances, change of speeds, props, etc.

~~Create a video of you and your partner playing "The Mirror Game" on Flipgrid or write a reflection about your experience with The Mirror Game (What did you focus on? How can a game like this help you in Drama, School, Life, etc).