Performing Arts

Acting, Dancing, Singing

Fourth & Fifth Grade

PS 7 Academy

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Musical Theatre: Lesson#1 (Week of 3/23 - 3/29)

~Watch the performance of "Revolting Children" by the cast of Matilda.

~Identify the elements of Musical Theatre that you noticed in the song (Formations, Levels, Movement Patterns, Tableaus, Energy, Tempo, Dance Moves).

~Write a reflection connecting the elements of your Beatles songs rehearsals/performance to "Revolting Children".

~Feel free to add any additional thoughts and feelings about your Beatles songs/rehearsals/performances.

~Submit your reflection on my DRAMA GOOGLE CLASSROOM page :)

Choreography: Lesson #2 (Week of 3/30 - 4/5)

~Watch and copy the dance moves at the same time.

~Try to break the video down into small sections in order to make it easier (the repetition will help you retain the moves better).

~Write a reflection where you talk about: which moves are your favorites, which part of the dance is difficult, would you alter/change any dance moves to moves you know, etc.

~Submit your reflection on my DRAMA GOOGLE CLASSROOM page :)

Shakespeare: Lesson #3

(Week of 4/6 - 4/12)

~Watch the video about Romeo and Juliet.

~Take notes while you watch the video in order to help you write a summary of the story.

~Email me your summary.

~Submit your reflection on my DRAMA GOOGLE CLASSROOM page :)

Tongue Twisters: Lesson #4

(Week of 4/13 - 4/19)

~We always do vocal warmups for Acting and Singing (i.e. My Mother Made Me Mash My M & M's and Toy Boat, Toy Boat, Toy Boat).

~Click on the engVid link to the right and try some of the Tongue Twisters!

~See how you and your family members do while working on articulation! Try reciting the tongue twisters 1x each, 2x each, 3x each.

~Write a quick reflection about your struggles, growth and funny stories related to the Tongue Twisters and/or create your own Tongue Twister!!!

~Submit your reflection on my DRAMA GOOGLE CLASSROOM page :)

The Mirror Game: Lesson #5 (Week of 4/20 - 4/26)

~This a fun game that can be played with you and a family member! *Be sure to be 6 feet a part (Social Distancing).

~Determine who is Partner A and who is Partner B.

~Partner A faces Partner B (there is an imaginary mirror in between the two of you).

~Take turns with leading and following.

~Try using facial expressions, emotions, your hands, legs, varied distances, change of speeds, props, etc.

~Write a reflection about your experience with The Mirror Game (What did you focus on? How can a game like this help you in Drama, School, Life, etc).

~Create a video of you and your partner playing "The Mirror Game" (optional).

~Submit your reflection on my DRAMA GOOGLE CLASSROOM page :)

*Bonus Lesson: The Beatles

~Watch the montage of Beatles songs.

~Write a reflection about your personal connection with the Beatles music (Has your perspective on the Beatles changed throughout the course of the year? Any favorite songs? Do you feel any emotions? Who do you think about? What do you think about?).

~Submit your reflection on my DRAMA GOOGLE CLASSROOM page :)

**Extra Bonus Lesson: Help w/ 408 TikTok Style

~Which students were most expressive? How do you know?

~What are these performers "next steps" for making the song/video even stronger?

~Do you use characterization (facial expressions and body language) to convey feelings/a message with your own Beatles' song?

~Submit your reflection on my DRAMA GOOGLE CLASSROOM page :)