PTO Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

In Attendance-

Steve Masias, Xan Davidson, Katie Meeks, Beth Bolduc, Katie Winner, Irene Griego, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Schneringer, Megan Lovato, Gaby Petron, Carrie Edwards, Laurel Wicke, Andrea Berryhill, Brenda Hussen

Purpose of the Drake PTO-

To help teachers, staff, & school financially and inform parents of school activities.

Introduction of Board Members-

Steven Masias (President), Xan Davidson (Treasurer), Katie Meeks (Secretary), Accountability Chair (Jennifer Lofland,) Vice President Fundraising (Shirleen Schaff), Vice President Membership (Kristina Martella), Hospitality Chair (Brenda Hussen), Communications Chair (Beth Bolduc)

Approval of Last Month’s Minutes-

This was our first General Meeting of the 2018-19 school year so we did not have minutes from a previous meeting to approve. Our summer meeting minutes were approved at our August Board meeting and are available on the PTO website.

Financial Report-

We currently have ~$13,000 in our bank account. Our first Smoothie Day brought in ~$600 profit. We still need to pay Tropical Smoothie for the smoothies as well as Leadership for the help.

Membership Update-

For the 2018-19 school year, our membership is currently at 166. We also have 2 business memberships and 36 staff memberships. This number is lower than previous years. We plan to do another membership push through our next newsletter as well as have membership forms available at Parent Teacher Conferences in October.

Principal’s Report- Dr. Irene Griego

Dr. Griego shared plans for an upcoming parent/community night. The counseling department is working with the Administration to host a Community Night. This will include a screening for parents of the documentary Screenagers. The parent night will be Thursday, November 1st and the screening for students will be during the school day on Friday, November 2nd. There is a fee of $500 to purchase the screening rites. Ms. Acree has asked for financial support of $250 as well as help from advertising from PTO. All members are on board with this. We will share information in our Newsletter as well as on Facebook. Maribel suggested also on Nextdoor App as well as with local feeder schools. Katie Winner also suggested contacting the District to help get the word out. We discussed possibly charging an entry fee at the door and/or selling concessions to help cover the cost. We might also consider rescheduling our November PTO General meeting for this evening as well to get more people and only tie up one evening during the month.

At our Board meeting yesterday a motion was made to approve the assistance of funding for the screening fee. Please see the motion below.

Beth Bolduc made a motion to split the cost of the Screenagers screening fee in the amount of $250 with the Counseling Department. Xan Davidson seconded the motion; all members present approved the motion as presented.

Upon further discussion, some suggestions were made that the school share the talking points and questions with parents that they plan to discuss with the students. Many concerns were made over how to get people through the door. Beth Bolduc made a suggestion that possibly extra credit was offered by the teachers if a students’ parent attended the Thursday night presentation

New Business-

-Plans for Student Directory- We do plan to move ahead with an electronic PTO members only Student Directory. Kristina will begin working on this to have ready early October. We will publish Student Name, Grade, Team, Parent Name and Parent Email. Student directory and Newsletters are only sent to PTO members, so spread the word!

-PTO E Newsletter- The second installment will be emailed to ALL Drake families, to be sent out October 1st.

-Parent Teacher Conferences is coming up on October 3rd and 4th. We will provide a Mexican themed dinner on Wednesday and an Italian themed dinner on Thursday. Brenda is preparing a Sign Up genius for donations that will be emailed out to the entire school.

Present Business-

-Smoothie Day is this Thursday, September 20th. This is our first Smoothie fundraiser of the school year and we sold 430 smoothies! Smoothies are delivered to students during 7th period. Our next smoothie fundraiser will be in November.

-Butter Braids/Koda Coffee- Sales will run from October 17th-30th. We have decided to ask Leadership/Mrs. Johnson to make posters and advertise in Advisement instead of hosting a Kick-Off Assembly. Top selling Advisement in each grade will earn a “specialty donut”/juice party. We will also consider a prize for top teacher and top seller. Katie will contact Integrity Fundraiser with a few questions that came up about online orders.

-Dine Out for Drake- Noodles Night is coming up on Wednesday, October 3rd. Mention Drake and we will receive 20% of the proceeds from that night. Carrie will email Kristin the Noodles form and it will also be included in the October newsletter.

-Teacher Desks/Other building needs- Dr. Griego was unaware that this was a current building need. She will look into needs around Drake and help us prioritize our donations to teacher requests.

-Open House Day review- Many PTO members were pleased with how smoothly the Open House day went. Some concerns about the length of lines for the Chromebooks as well as transportation. Ms. Rodriguez ad Dr. Griego are keeping a list of how to make things run smoother next year, and these concerns will be added to the list.

-Kate Winner- Presentation of 5A & 5B School Funding Information

Katie Winner presented information about the upcoming Mill and Bond referendum concerning Jeffco on the November ballot. You can visit the Jeffco Public Schools website or and for more information .

Upcoming Meetings-

Our next Board meeting will be Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 at 12:45pm in the Drake Conference Room. All members are welcome to attend this meeting. Our Board meetings take place on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Our next general meeting will be on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 at 7:00pm in the Drake library. Our general meetings take place on the 3rd Wednesday of every other month.

We are discussing possibly moving the November meeting to coincide with the Screenagers screening on Thursday, November 1st. We will discuss this and vote at our October Board meeting and notify membership upon the decision.

-Meeting minutes submitted by Katie Meeks, Secretary