Plan easily your meals.. Reduce food waste.

A mobile app that can help you and your family to take under control the fridge, discover new recipes, reduce the domestic expenses. Drag a plate and start right away!

See your planning.

Share it with your family.

Check on the products you own.

See those close to the expiration.

Plan your meals based on who's home.

Chat with your family.

Find new recipes, bookmark the best ones.

Drag them in the planning.

Check the ingredients required.

Create a shopping list.

Manage your family information.

Customise it based on tastes and habits.

The app gets information about your purchases directly from the supermarket. Therefore your list is always updated, with no risk of forgetting of products you bought and never consumed. It is aimed to help the difficult management of food within the domestic walls, a duty that became more and more and difficult nowadays.

This project is still in a development phase. Contact us to keep updated!