About the Teacher

"Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge." Dr. Carl Sagan

Dr. A. in the field (many years ago) trying to find prince charming.


I am excited to start this first year here at Blanson CTE teaching 9th grade Biology!

I graduated with a B.S. in Biology from UT-Austin and then proceeded to obtain a Ph.D. in Aquatic Resources from Texas State University. While I was a graduate student I taught several lab-based biology courses and fell in love with teaching. As a result, I enrolled in a M. Ed. program at Texas State to learn how to be a better and effective biology teacher. After lecturing college freshmen for a year, I decided I wanted to teach high school. Although my main area of research focused on evolution, animal behavior and population genomics, I love everything about biology, and I honestly hope to instill some interest in this amazing subject even in students who are not necessarily drawn to it.

My goal this year is to help students understand the influence biology has in everyday life, as well as the role it played in our history. Biology is a very interdisciplinary subject, and while learning in the classroom students will be expected and encouraged to explore subjects like economics, philosophy, geography, math, engineering, history and other subjects offered here at Blanson CTE High School.

I am looking forward to this exciting learning journey!


Dr. Laura Alberici da Barbiano

Biology Teacher, Blanson CTE High School

311 West Road

Houston, TX 7703

email: lalbericidabarbiano@aldineisd.org