Below is a selection of some of my solo and co-authored journal articles. I've rewritten the titles and the description to get to the heart of the issue in each article, which I hope will help you decide if it might be useful or interesting for you - especially if you don't have the time to navigate academic writing!

w/ Daniel Edmiston

If you want help from the state you need to show that you're resilient. But if you're resilient, do you even need help from the state? This contradiction is having a negative impact on people's lives.

w/ Hulya Dagdeviren

Austerity Localism describes the decentralisation of responsibility onto local governments, organisations and communities, all of whom have few resources to deal with this responsibility. We show how this schism has a negative effect on ordinary people, not just institutions

w/ Hulya Dagdeviren

It's easy to say that someone should be resilient. But what does this mean in the real world and how does being 'resilient' affect your day to day life?

Gramsci is cited as being really influential in guiding Critical Discourse Analysis. But in general his thought is used pretty superficially, which causes problems. I suggest a way out of this.

New Labour wanted to develop a specific understanding of community, and how 'communities' should interact. This excluded some people instead of including them, especially if they did not fit expectations. Some blamed themselves, while others blamed the government.

w/ Hulya Dagdeviren

Were people who were more used to hardship able to ride out the financial crisis compared to people who hadn't experienced hardship before? We find out by looking at 9 different countries

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