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Senior Researcher: Engineering Education & Professional Development

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Portfolio Overview

Welcome to my research portfolio website. This website was initially established for industry and graduate participants working in the fields of mechatronics, industrial systems integration or electro-mechanical control systems.The intention was to enable participants to access information about my research projects, as well as complete initial online surveys made available on the website.

Subsequently, my research and academic development experiences have grown significantly, and this portfolio has provided an invaluable platform to record, reflect on and share these experiences.

The initial PhD study (University of Cape Town) was conducted between 2013 - 2015. The Post-Doctoral study (SARChI Work-Integrated Learning Research Unit, Cape Peninsula University of Technology) ran from April 2016 - July 2018. The purpose of both research projects is to improve undergraduate engineering education through a better understanding of workplace practices.

The website is structured as follows:

I am committed to improving engineering education in South Africa. I would like to thank all those industry partners, practitioners and colleagues who have contributed to these projects.

Thank you to the National Research Foundation for an Innovation Doctoral scholarship for my 3rd and final PhD year, as well as NRF funding for the post-doctoral research project.

Dedicated to improving engineering education