Dr. Ileana Berman is an award-winning and internationally-recognized Cognitive Science Researcher. She is best known for her discussion of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Schizophrenia.

Young Investigator Award

Throughout her career as a Cognitive Science Researcher, Dr. Ileana Berman has been honored by numerous awards of recognition. One of her most prized honors has been her earning of the Young Investigator Award. Dr. Berman proudly accepted this award twice for her research in the sphere of cognitive science. Specifically, she received the Young Investigator Award for her research on the effect of naltrexone on alcoholic schizophrenia patients and the cognitive effect of Ginkgo Biloba Extract (GBE) in schizophrenia.

The Young Investigator Award (YIA) is an honor that provides funding to medical investigators. This award is more than just a note of recognition. It also facilitates a researcher’s continued efforts as he/she breaks into new territory within their field of study. With the help of her own Young Investigator Awards, Dr. Ileana Berman has been able to dive deep into her research for the benefit of the cognitive science community.

Dr. Ileana Berman’s cognitive science research largely focuses on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Schizophrenia. As evidenced by her research, Dr. Berman believes a subtype of schizophrenia exists that includes obsessive compulsive symptoms. Much of her career has been dedicated to research on this specific subject. Currently, she is also researching Ginkgo Biloba Extract (GBE) with the help of a National Alliance of Research on Schizophrenia & Depression (NARSAD) sponsorship. She is also collaborating with the Brockton VA Medical Center for the purpose of a neurophysiology study on schizophrenia.

Current Research