QMST Direction is actively participating in various education initiatives at Skoltech.

MSc Education Program "Photonics and Quantum Materials"

In collaboration with other CPQM faculty, our Direction is responsible for the MSc Education Program in Photonics and Quantum Materials (PQM). The PQM program combines a significant number of basic scientific courses with numerous application-oriented disciplines. The aim of the program is to provide knowledge and lab expertise in photonics, condensed matter, quantum physics, nano-electronics and bio-photonics, as well as to prepare students to apply fundamental science and engineering approaches to higher-level research and industrial tasks. The curriculum covers the main topics in optics and condensed matter physics. The PQM program is implemented in a network form with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Educational Program "Quantum Nanostructures, Materials and Devices" responsible for courses in physics of quantum nano-structures, materials and devices, and Chair "Nano-optics and Spectroscopy", responsible for courses in spectroscopy and quantum optics).

Direction-specific PQM courses

  • Quantum Mechanics

  • Fundamentals of Photonics

  • Statistical mechanics and kinetics

  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics

  • Transport in Mesoscopic Systems

  • Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials

  • Fabrication Technology of Nanodevices

  • Review of Materials and Devices for Nano- and Optoelectronics

  • Quantum Optics

  • Superconducting Quantum Technologies

  • Practicum in Experimental Physics

  • Magnetic Phenomena at Macro-, Micro- and Nanoscales

  • Physics of Partially Disordered Systems

  • Physics of Semiconductor Bulk Crystals and Nanostructures

  • Introduction to Surface Physics

MSc Education Program "Theoretical Physics"

Theoretical physics (TP) track of the Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Educational Program consists of a number of high-level courses on modern quantum condensed-matter physics and quantum field theory. Good practical knowledge of non-relativistic quantum mechanics and statistical physics are prerequisites for the program. The TP program is implemented in a network form with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Chair "Problems of Theoretical Physics").

TP courses

  • Theory of Phase Transitions

  • Introduction to the Theory of Disordered Systems

  • Introduction to the Quantum Field Theory

  • Functional Methods in the Theory of Disordered Systems

  • Quantum Mesoscopics. Quantum Hall effect

  • One-Dimensional Quantum Systems

  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics

  • Asymptotic Methods in Complex Analysis

  • Research seminar "Modern Problems of Theoretical Physics"

Preparatory courses for entering MSc PQM & TP Programs

QMST Direction hosts Preparatory courses for MIPT BSc students for entering Skoltech MSc Educational Programs. The courses are organized on the basis of the MIPT Chair "Problems in Theoretical Physics" (training theorists for TP Program) and Program "Quantum Nanostructures, Materials and Devices" (training experimentalists for PQM Program).

II year courses

  • Devices for lithography

  • Chemistry for physicists

  • Introduction to group theory

  • Probability theory

  • Classical integrable systems

III year courses

  • Technology of nanostructures

  • Characterization techniques

  • Problems in quantum mechanics

  • Elements of quantum field theory

  • Introduction to gravitation theory

  • Percolation and fractals

  • Modern hydrodynamcs

  • Magnetic nanomaterials

  • Introduction to metal physics and superconductivity

  • Crystallography and X-ray analysis

IV year courses

  • Optics of Nanostructures

  • Practical nanotechnology

  • Phonons and electrons in metals

  • Problems in statistical physics

  • Magnetism theory

  • Superconductivity

  • Diagram methods

  • Quantum electrodynamics

  • Scientific literature seminar