Sex & Recovery

Sexual Freedom & Wellbeing are attainable. 

Are you grappling with chemsex challenges or worried about relapsing in your journey towards healthier sex, love, and intimacy? Do you feel that there's an unexplored aspect of your recovery program, particularly regarding your unique sexual needs and desires? Navigating the realm of connection with others who share similar experiences can be tough, and for those experiencing or have a history of addiction, it's often fraught with risks.

Over the past 17 years, I've worked with men battling chemsex and supporting those who feel sexually marginalized including disabled, elderly, and men with a history of trauma. 

Guiding men towards sexual liberation has been my calling for quite some time. I have written and lead numerous transformative workshops and retreats. Some of my work is still widely utilized in recovery conferences around the world. I'm finalizing my second book which is comprehensive 4-week course focused on sexual freedom and wellbeing. (mid 2024) 

If you're interested in learning more about this course, please feel free to reach out.

David Wichman CCR Coach

Have you felt confused, judged or does your sexual ideal feel out of place in your recovery community?

This is the work I love to do and have been doing for over 17 years. Much of what I share in my practice comes from my personal experiences and many years of working with men in and out of recovery. I also draw inspiration from the groundbreaking book, "Conscious Recovery"™ by TJ Woodword. If you're ready to explore your inner sexy and make empowering changes in your sex life and journey towards essential wholeness, I invite you to join me. 

Let's navigate the root causes of shame-based imprints and apply practical guidance towards shifting the narrative from brokenness to remembering your wholeness. 

Together we explore and learn to:

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