David P. Byrne

I am a Professor of Economics at the University of Melbourne. I do empirical research in industrial organization and behavioral economics, focusing on energy and resource markets. 

I am also an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization, an affiliate of the Centre for Market Design, and have served as an expert in antitrust cases in Australia and Canada. 

Curriculum Vitae
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Working papers

Asymmetric Information Sharing in Oligopoly: A Natural Experiment in Retail Gasoline
with Nicolas de Roos, Matthew S. Lewis, Leslie M. Marx, and Xiaosong Wu
Aug 2023, R&R at Journal of Political Economy.

How Nudges Create Habits: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment
with Lorenz Goette and Leslie A. Martin, et al.
Oct 2023, submitted.


The Role of Platforms for Facilitating Anticompetitive Communication
with Nicolas de Roos, A. Rachel Grinberg, and Leslie M. Marx
Cartels Diagnosed: New Insight on Collusion (Cambridge University Press), forthcoming.

Price Discrimination by Negotiation: A Field Experiment in Retail Electricity
with Leslie A. Martin and Jia Sheen Nah
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 137(4), 2499-2537, 2022. appendix

Instrument-Free Identification and Estimation of Differentiated Products Models Using Cost Data
with Susumu Imai, Neelam Jain, and Vasilis Sarafidis
Journal of Econometrics, 228(2), 278-301, 2022

Startup Search Costs
with Nicolas de Roos
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 14(2), 81-112, 2022. appendix 

Price Effects of Calling Out Market Power: A Study of the COVID-19 Oil Price Shock
with Aaron Barkley and Xiaosong Wu
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy,  31(4), 923-941, 2022. appendix

Consumer Search and Income Inequality
with Leslie A. Martin
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 79, 102716, 2021. 

An Experimental Study of Monthly Electricity Demand (In)elasticity
with Andrea La Nauze and Leslie A. Martin
The Energy Journal, 42(2), 205-222, 2021. appendix

Supplying Slot Machines to the Poor
with Melisa Bubonya
Southern Economic Journal, 83(3), 1081-1109, 2020. appendix

Learning to Coordinate: A Study in Retail Gasoline
with Nicolas de Roos
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Gasoline Pricing in the Country and the City
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Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know: Informedness and the Impact of Information Programs
with Andrea La Nauze and Leslie A. Martin
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Consumer Search in Retail Gasoline Markets
with Nicolas de Roos
Journal of Industrial Economics, 65(1), 183-193, 2017. 

Testing Models of Differentiated Product Markets: Consolidation in the Cable TV Industry
International Economic Review, 56(3), 805-850, 2015. appendix

How do Consumers Respond to Gasoline Price Cycles?
with Gordon Leslie and Roger Ware
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Canadian City Housing Prices and Urban Market Segmentation
with Jason Allen, Robert Amano, and Allan W. Gregory
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Review articles

Australia has the World's Best Petrol Price Data: FuelWatch and FuelCheck
with Jia Sheen Nah and Peng Xue
Australian Economic Review, 51(4), 564-777, 2018. 

Fuelling Australia: Structural Changes and New Policy Challenges in the Petrol Industry
Australian Economic Review, 47(4), 523-539, 2014. 

Petrol Price Cycles
Australian Economic Review, 45(4), 497-506, 2012.