Ideal Stretches for Downhill Ski Instructors

Skiing is a wonderful outdoor activity which doesn’t only give you a lot of joy but it also makes you use some of your muscle groups you don’t normally use in the daily routine. One of the most used muscle groups while skiing is hip flexor group. Here, it is worth mentioning that most of the people who like to ski go for this activity on part time basis or pretty occasionally. And then we now have the money making jobs which involve a lot of sitting on the desks. Having that said, this prolonged sitting results in the shortening of hip flexors.

When the hip flexors are stressed and chronically shortened, it can lead to the lower back pain and knee pain. Nevertheless, there are some exercises that you can do to stretch your hip muscle flexors.

Full quad and hip flexor stretch

This one is pretty simple hip flexor stretch which is going to make you ready for the full stretch. During this stretch, your head, shoulder and pelvis need to be in forward position. While performing this stretch, you will feel your body gaining relaxation of sorts.

Stretch for the lower quad

This is another stretching exercise that you can do to bring improvement in your skiing performance. This stretch mainly targets the chronic knee pain. As a modification, you can grab onto your pant leg and use a band around your ankle. If you are not comfortable doing this stretch while standing due to balancing issues, you can try this exercise while lying down on your belly. However, the ideal position is to stand on one leg.

IT Band Stretch

If you have knee and hip pain and you don’t find yourself in a position to continue with your skiing, you can go for this stretch. However, you have to keep in mind that this stretch can be very difficult to perform. So, you can change angles to find the accurate stretch points. However, make sure that you are not making it hard on yourself because it can lead to injuries. You have to ensure accuracy of your posture in order to carry out this stretch.

Again, it is worth mentioning here that you should not go for skiing if you are affected by injuries. These injuries aren’t going to just affect your performance on the slope but it is also going to expose your muscles and joints against risks of further injuries. To get help, you can visit the chiropractor to get your body adjusted. The chiropractor will also suggest you some nice stretches.