Art & Craft Show

25th July to 2nd August 2020

A decision will be made nearer the time as to whether this event will go ahead.

Table bookings and space for wall mounted paintings are now being taken for our annual Art & Craft Show 2020.

Entry to the show will be free, although donations will be welcomed. Dates and times:

  • Saturday 25th July 10am to 6pm
  • Sunday 26th to Thursday 30th July 10am to 4pm
  • Friday 31st July and Saturday 1st August 10am to 6pm
  • Sunday 2nd August 10am to 4pm.

General Information for Sellers

Booking space: please complete the online booking form below as soon as possible and no later than Monday 4th May. For more information please telephone Keith or Mandy Smith on 01503 250412.

Upon receipt of payment, you will receive confirmation of your booking and your USN (Unique Sellers Number).

Handing in: please bring your craft items/paintings and raffle prize if you will be providing one, to the Village Hall on Friday 24th July 10am to 2pm or 6pm to 8pm. You can choose to receive payment for items sold, less sales commission by BACS or cheque. If you wish to receive via cheque, please hand in a self addressed envelope.

Collection: all unsold work must be collected on Sunday 2nd August from 4pm to 6pm.

Stewarding and costs: sellers who do at least 3 hours as stewards pay 20% sales commission and all others 30%. We will endeavour to allocate stewarding times based on your requests, however, if this isn't possible we reserve the right to suggest other times to you. Details will be sent to you nearer the event.

Payment: you will be responsible for your own inventory listing and will be paid based on the items written on the Daily Sales Sheets completed by stewards.

Raffle: we will be running a raffle and would be delighted to receive donations of prizes for this.

Advertising: the Village Hall Committee will advertise this show, however, if you can distribute or display posters or fliers please email us and we will send you a copy (

Insurance: the Village Hall Committee will try to ensure that your items are kept safe and secure; however, we accept no responsibility for loss or damage to your items.

Refreshments: tea and coffee making facilities will be available for stewards.

Proceeds: all proceeds from the show are for Village Hall funds to maintain and improve this vital village amenity.

We reserve the right to refuse any items/paintings we consider unsuitable.


  • £5 per small table (approx 90cm/35”) £10 for a large table.
  • You will be allocated the amount of space you book, so please be realistic about the space you need.
  • Each item must have a label securely attached which clearly states, item description, your name, USN and price, as this is the information stewards will record on the Daily Sales Sheets. Any item without an individual label, will not be sold, but placed under the sellers table. Cards of the same cost, will not be recorded individually on the Daily Sales Sheets, instead it will show the number purchased and cost per card.
  • You may arrange your items during the handing in times and when restocking your table. You are welcome to leave additional items under your table which stewards will use to restock.

Wall mounted Paintings

  • All paintings should be framed and have secure and taut hanging string or wire attached to the back.
  • The hanging fee is £1.00 for each painting up to 60cm square. Larger paintings will be charged at £1.50 each.
  • A completed tie on label must be securely attached to each painting so it is visible from the front which clearly states, painting description, your name, USN and price, as this is the information stewards will record on the Daily Sales Sheets.
  • We can only hang a maximum of 5 paintings per seller, an additional 4 paintings can be left with the committee and we will endeavour to display them when space becomes available.
  • Unframed painting/prints can be displayed in containers provided by the seller on the same basis as Crafts. If you intend to do this you will have to book a small or large table.
  • Paintings will be hung by committee members.