The 2017 Great Dover Cleanup

Spring is finally here!

Cleanup is THIS SATURDAY!!!!!

The 2017 date is Saturday May 6th. Once a year we all work together to collect the trash scatted along our roads over the winter months. In addition to cleaning our own property we need to collaborate efforts to help with the heavily travelled streets that gather the most trash. We hope that you will join us in signing up to collect the trash from one of these areas. We are looking for community groups and individuals to sign up.

The map below has each major areas marked off. Please use the form below the map to provide your email address, the area you will to help with and the number of people in your cleanup group. Be sure to like us on facebook and share with your neighbors.

Cleanup can happen anytime this Spring, however official “caution signs” will be put up along the roads in Dover Saturday May 6th. Trash and Recycling Bags can be picked up at the front desk of the Dover Town Garage, 2 Dedham St. any afternoon M-F in advance of May 6. Trash and Recycling Bags can be left along the roads for pickup, but volunteers are encouraged to bring them to the Transfer Station on May 6. As the day approaches we will remind you and provide any updated details. Please see our Safety Tips.

Dover 2017 Cleanup Volunteer Sign-up (Responses)