What's our Doula Money Academy all about? 

Well, our Doula Money website is about one year old and it is time to launch our "Doula Money Academy"!!! We are excited to offer you this opportunity to get freebies for your business inside this academy plus doula mini-classes and more! 

Grand opening is now! 

What's inside the "Doula Money Academy?"

Our "Doula Money Academy" is going to blow your socks off! 

We plan to offer you the following:

*Birth Doula Contract ($25 value) - yours free! 

*Postpartum Doula Contract ($25 value) - yours free! 

*What to put in your "First Contact" folder! ($25 value) - free! 

*Checklists for prenatals to postpartum visits, etc. ($10 value)- free!

*A library of resources - which we will add to monthly - including videos/files/etc. (Priceless!) 

*What to do at your prenatals mini class! ($50 value) - free! 

*Doula Academy Circle - special zoom meetings just for members only! (These will meet monthly except in December). ($50 a month value)

*Special Guest Speakers throughout the year. 

*Private Discussion Group - meetup to be determined - kind of wanting to do less on FB. 

*Special Giveaways throughout the year! (Priceless!) 

*A Doula Money Journal! ($30 value) - This will be digital to begin with and later on if you want printed version - only pay our print fee and shipping. 

*Bonus item: *Includes the "Doing Business the Doula Way course" if you sign up for 6 months or 1 year option ($200 value) 

*Bonus item: If you enroll for 6 months or 1 year - you receive a free business coaching session with Julie! ($95 value) 

And much more!! Around $1,000 value for all of above!! See below on our membership options! 

How does the Academy Work? 

More details are coming soon!! 

If you want to book a call with me - go below!

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