Doug X


Doug X is my stage name. I'm a writer, lawyer, comedian, producer and I also design shirts. I can be reached for booking at 714 290 1103 or by email at Doug X is available for comedy shows, corporate entertainment and the occasional ritual sacrifice. Contact for fees and availability.

The show I produce is 'Theatre School Rejects' a comedy show with a flair for the dramatic. We perform at the Luminous Center in Fountain Valley, cross streets Harbor and Heil, in the strip mall across from the 7-11 and Sizzlers, every 3rd Saturday of the month from 8:30 to 10:00 pm.

a highlight reel of one of our most recent shows.

A short movie called "Bare Knuckle Noir" I made about ten years ago. The movie is scripted but the fighting is real. We had two different endings planned base on who won. Kind of like those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books

A novella I wrote, part political satire, part urban fantasy. The vampire folk singer Phil Ochs recruits a scientist named Magnus to try and oust the evil president Donald Trump, a threat to the entire world, partly because he's a necromancer but mostly because he's a Republican.

My best selling site from my zazzle store