We are team of two architects who are seeking opportunities to collaborate with an architectural practice or BIM company in relation to quality ARCHICAD drafting work, technical documentation preparation and/or BIM model set-ups.

We offer in-depth and extensive ARCHICAD experience and skills that harness all functionalities of the software – 3D modelling, 2D linework-ing, TEAMWORK projects, BIM and BIMx, Specification schedules and BofQ preparation, Layout-ing, ARCHICAD – Autodesk® Revit® cross platform export.

Our routine is to set up a clean and well organized, flexible and maintainable live project model with working internal connections so that the model may be subject for further updates and alterations; or respectfully integrate into an established ARCHICAD teamwork environment and contribute. Team environment is our natural habitat and it shall always be.

Adaptive to any kind of design workflow and company standards, we can produce clean and elaborate technical documentation drawings in the English language in the form of digital media: .PDF, .DWG, .plt and/or .PLN files available to the Client for further use as well as all-around BIM models.

We model, draft and document anything from classic to modern and from simple to sophisticated depending on the respective design assignment and anything from concept and technical design documentation to architectural detailing.

Our communication interface encompasses anything graphic, from hand sketching to photos, scans, .DWG formats and verbal communication in English through e-mails, Skype and phone calls.

Currently, we are well versed in local and EU building legislation. However, with a strong background in building physics, architectural design and construction documentation, we can comprehend and responsibly meet every local code requirement and implement it respectively.

A strong asset of ours is year-long, both concept and technical, architectural design experience which inevitably contributes to a successful BIM and/or technical document set-ups.

We take remote off-sourcing jobs and do them locally on a freelance basis without further burdening Clients with legal and office formalities. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Pricing is fixed and is negotiated prior to design assignment. Price formation takes into account deadline, task complexity level and Client’s requirements.

To further promote what we can do for a prospective Client, please, find some showcase evidence in our presentation.

We’d be happy, too, if you could venture a walk around our two exemplary .BIMx projects.

Have we managed to fire up your interest, we propose to do a trial assignment for you, free of charge, so as to set up a workflow interface.

We’d very much appreciate your feedback and we look forward to collaborating with you!

Your doublesqwares,

Ivo & Mike