Digital Certification on-site:

NO DMV Trips

On completion of your DOT Physical you do NOT have to go to the DMV to certify/register.

You will certify using our exclusive digital system! Your DOT Medical Certificate is attached to your CDL through our system immediately upon completion of your DOT Physical!

This means NO DMV Trips! This saves you hours!!!

You read correctly! We have Florida's exclusive DOT Physicals digital certification and updates system.

Now in it's fourth year, we are no longer keeping it a secret.

When your DOT Physical is completed at our office you are able to have your medical certification updates completed digitally.

We have certified over 3,000 drivers using this system with 100% accuracy!!

That means:

  • You do not have to go to the DMV to certify;
  • You certify on-site through our digital system;
  • You will not have to fill out any forms;

This service is 100% guaranteed. Let's be crystal clear: If your CDL were to become disqualified, we would pay your reinstatement fees! No other location can make such a guarantee!