Insurance: No. Insurance does not cover a DOT Physical at any location. Insurance is for illness and injury; a DOT Physical is a fitness-for-duty evaluation.

What is entailed: DOT Physicals Plus provided an excellent overview here.

Appointments: Not required. Walk-ins welcome.

Saturdays: You are advised to call during the week to ensure the medical examiner will be in.

Cost: Our standard fee is competitively and fairly priced in line with other major providers including USHealthworks, CareSpot, MDNow, etc. However, at our location you will receive far superior service with little to no waiting.

Lowest Price Guarantee: If you are the type that is always looking for the lowest price, look no further. We will do your DOT Physical for $5 less than any other Broward (some Miami-Dade) locations. So you price-checkers call the other places and then see us. We will always BEAT their price (upon confirmation) by $5 with a comparable service.

What is involved in a DOT Physical/CDL Medical Exam:

  • Vision Test
  • Hearing Test
  • Urine dip
  • Physical Examination.

The physical examination includes evaluation of the skin, eyes, ears, mouth/throat; cardiovascular system; lungs/chest; abdomen; hernia check (our office doesn't not require all candidates to drop your drawers, turn your head and cough); back/spine; extremities/joints; neurological system/reflexes; and gate.

The DOT Physical/CDL medical examination is a fitness-for-duty evaluation and results in either the driver being qualified or medically unqualified. In some cases we may need additional information to make the determination. That information may be further testing or letters from specialists. We will assist you in ensuring this is done correctly and in accordance with DOT regulations. We do DOT services only and we are confident we do our job better than most places. I would caution all CDL holders to be very careful where they choose to get their DOT Physical.