be a light onto yourself with no reliance on any other authority

MEDITACTION is a virtual space dedicated to the practice of dynamic and therapeutic meditation in all three aspects of body, speech and mind (physiology, psychology and ontology). Although separate in appearance, these three aspects have a common root : not seeing Reality as it is. Once our misperception is realized, well-being naturally occurs.

BODY : Environmental toxicity - including nutrition - leads to an explosion of autoimmune diseases, allergies, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. This comes from a wrong perception of illness. We take warning symptoms for maladies. Doctors may hide the symptoms for a while, but this is not healing. Only when we see (comprehend) the body as it is, ie not separate from the environment, but the environment itself, will our eating habits and lifestyle change naturally and bring about physical relief.

SPEECH (psychology). The causes of mental instability is rooted in cravings. Rather than forcing ourselves into new habits (ascetism), a better approach is to dig out the reasons of them. Once realized, things change naturally and automatically. There is no long term solution to be expected from beliefs, books or gurus. It all starts with observing the mind.

MIND is the root cause of our problems in life, but also of our liberation. A misunderstanding of the mind leads to biased psychological attitudes that in turn manifest in health problems. Conversely, understanding the mind (liberation, realization, enlightenment) results in ultimate and perfect relief.

THE THREE-MEDITATION PROGRAMME on body (health), speech (emotions) and mind (ontology) is open to all online (for free), and available offline, individualy or for goups, on request (with contribution)