Setting up a project in a new region.

We have identified three factors that help to grow a robust and sustainable regional producer group with each factor playing a significant and vital role in supporting the people from situations of hardship they are connected to:

Each region requires:

  • D R E S S M A K E R S F R O M S I T U A T I O N S O F H A R D S H I P

Our aim is to make the project sustainable and to do this we aim to support a small number of beneficiaries in each region. Supporting too few people generates a risk of local projects collapsing as beneficiaries often come from vulnerable situations. Supporting too many people limits the 'share' of provision and can make it difficult and cumbersome to manage and be of benefit. Having a legacy approach to training and support promotes a more robust structure. Different regions will have a different capacity. Each application is considered on its own merits.

We are happy to receive applications from Dressmakers and we will do everything we can to build a new region around your needs.

  • S Y M P A T H E T I C B O U T I Q U E S

Boutique owners are perfectly placed to help us provide an outlet to sell our dresses. The dress won't be suitable for all boutiques. Those that support local trade, have fair trade values and support ethical issues are likely to have a customer base that will be sympathetic to our work. Dorcas Dresses provide shop owners with a charity resource which can be used as a means of marketing their community involvement. We appreciate that our retail margins are slimmer than common industry practice and we are very grateful for our boutique and shop owners' generosity.

If you are interested in stocking our dresses, do be in touch. We'll connect you to your nearest group or work to build a new group in your region.

  • T H E C H U R C H - T H E P R A Y E R T E A M

When Christians gather to pray, 'stuff' happens - God starts to work. We should never underestimate the power of praying in Jesus' name and therefore consider this to be the linchpin of the project. Groups can be formed as part of a pre-existing 'small group' or individuals can draw themselves together from across a variety of local churches. Your role is vital. Your role is missional.

This group will amongst other things:

          • pray for the beneficiaries of the project.
          • raise awareness of the project that will naturally increase sales and therefore income for the beneficiaries who you support.
          • use their local knowledge and connections to help build the project.

If you are interesting in joining or growing a prayer team in your region, please be in touch. Prayer grows faith!

If you'd like to help in another way, consider crafting for us

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