International Producer Group:


Bold Paisley

£79 + carriage

Concentric Circles

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Vibrant Wave

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Our first producer group is in Akure, a town in the Ondo state of Nigeria. Our partner group is pastored through Esther Mandate Ministries based in Ijapo Estate. Our CEO Maria, spent nearly a month with the group: delivering your donated sewing equipment and tools, teaching the ladies how to make our dress and meeting other groups who would like to be involved with the project.

Nigeria has seen a frightening increase in poverty over the last twenty years, with some predicting the situation can only get worse. Our efforts are a small drop in a vast ocean, but oceans would not exist without drops: we're playing our part.

We have a gracious Father God who we trust to do His will with what we offer.

During the visit we trained a 5 strong 'focus group'. We set up and equipped a functioning sewing workshop. The group improved their current sewing skills and learned the western styling and precision techniques required to make the Dorcas Dress. They also covered topics on: working efficiently; manage a budget; demonstration methods; and sales techniques.

If you'd like to support this group directly then buy one of their dresses, see images at the top of the page.

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