Crafting for us

People like to give to our charity when they visit us at fairs and markets. Help our beneficiaries have a selection of smaller items for sale that build the Dorcas brand and demonstrate our ethos and care.

We'd really appreciate your help in supporting our beneficiaries in making their events a success. We have designed 3 simple gift items. Join us in making them so we support our beneficiaries and make their events a success.

SINK SIDE gift set ~ £6.

All unsold donations will be gifted to women's refuge centres as part of local Christmas shoe box appeals.

To find out more about how you can get involved with this email:


This particular recipe is easy and uses simple household ingredients:

      • Olive oil
      • Coconut oil
      • Essential oil (we used lavender for this one)
      • And LYE

The recipe, instructions and good safety advice on soap making can be found on this excellent website. Please do follow the instructions very carefully as lye is the very dangerous substance, caustic soda, which evaporates out of the soap as it cures. Homebase sell this brand, which is recommended for soap making as it is considered the purest form made in the UK.

We suggest moulding the soap into 5cm x 5cm x 2.5cm blocks.

Please wrap individually in a square of greaseproof paper, labelling with ingredients.

These will be sold at £2 each.


We ask that all face towels and dishcloths are made from 100% cotton, measuring 25cm x 25cm. Fabric clothes should be backed with a cotton flannel fabric, ideally single-sided towelling as it is easier to sew!

Do be imaginative, you can use vintage fabrics and recycled materials but do ensure they are washed at 60% before you send them please.

Patchwork, embroider, knit, crochet: add as much love as you can muster!

These will be sold from £3-£6 each as I'm sure some will quite unique.


Use you imagination by designing interesting transfers to fix to small 10cm square tiles. Surplus tiles can often be found at car-boot sales, on gumtree or freecycle or through local recycle programmes, we have a good one in Oxford called Orinoco's. Alternative DIY stores sell them in packs of about 24 for about £6. These came from Homebase, who sell them individually for 23p each.

We suggest using clear water slide decal transfer paper, cutting close to the edge and keeping the image small. This was my first attempt. I should have used a little more acrylic spray paint on the image before soaking it and using warmer water to release the paper backing.

These will be sold for £1.50 each.

Don't forget! If you are buying online, using Smile Amazon to help us fundraise!