Security Doors

Benefits of Installing Security Screens on Doors this Summer

With the hottest months of the year on their way, homeowners across the country are beginning to open up their doors to let in the cool summer breeze. Unfortunately, many of these homeowners are also opening their doors to both bugs and burglars. There's no need to choose between comfort and security, though, since high-quality security doors allow homeowners to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

Keep Burglars Out

Typical screen doors are extremely easy to cut or break, leaving homeowners and their families prone to unwanted intruders. Security screens, on the other hand, are made of stainless steel mesh, making them strong enough to withstand even particularly industrious burglars. In fact, they're nearly impossible to penetrate, making them the perfect solution for protecting families and their belongings.

Let the Cool Breeze In

Most homes feature entry doors that are more than capable of keeping home intruders out, but these heavy-duty doors prevent homeowners and their families from enjoying the cool breeze on a warm summer night. With screened security doors, there's no need to choose between comfort and security. Plus, allowing in that pleasant breeze can avoid the need for running the home's air conditioning system into the ground.

Improve Fire Safety

While high-quality security screens make it nearly impossible for unwanted visitors to enter the home, they pose no threat when it comes to allowing residents and guests to escape in a hurry in the event of a fire. These doors are outfitted with panic bars, which require only the smallest amount of pressure to activate. Purchasing security screens that feature this technology can make a life-or-death difference in the event of a fire, so readers should ensure that they do their research and find out whether their screen doors come equipped with panic bars.

Pet Proof Solutions

While traditional screen doors can quickly become scratched up and damaged due to well-meaning but destructive pets, security screens will not be damaged in the event that a dog, cat, or another household pet gets a little bit overexcited about an impending visit from a cherished guest or a delivery person. Given that these screens can keep out even the best-equipped burglar, there's no reason to worry about rips and tears.