DoorGym: A Scalable Door Opening Environment and Baseline Agent


In order to practically implement the door opening task, a policy ought to be robust to a wide distribution of door types and environment settings. Reinforcement Learning (RL) with Domain Randomization (DR) is a promising techniques to enforce policy generalization, however, there are only a few accessible training environments that are inherently designed to train agents in domain randomized environments. We introduce DoorGym, an open-source door opening simulation framework designed to utilize domain randomization to train a stable policy. We intend for our environment to lie at the intersection of domain transfer, practical tasks, and realism. We also provide baseline Proximal Policy Optimization and Soft Actor-Critic implementations, which achieves success rates between 0% up to 95% for opening various type of doors in this environment. Moreover, the real world transfer experiment shows the trained policy is able to work in the real world.