Order of the Black Arrows

Jakardros Sovark

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Jakardros Sovark is a commanding officer at Fort Rannick near Hook Mountain in Varisia and is a member of the Order of the Black Arrows.

Shalelu Andosana has made it know that Jakardros is her step father that abandoned her when she was young, after he mother was killed during a dragon attack.

Vale Temros

Vale is a dark-skinned man with piercing gray eyes. His towering height of 6–1/2 feet and his muscular build

consigned him to the warrior’s path at an early age. Despite his stature, Vale is a quiet and withdrawn man

whose passion for life only awakens during the heat of battle. Vale was born into the Order of the Black Arrow;

both his parents were members, as were his two younger brothers. All of them are now dead, slain either years

ago (in the case of his parents) or weeks ago (in the case of his brothers) by various Kreeg ogres. Vale’s oath of

vengeance against the Kreegs has become the only thing holding him together over the past several days of

torture and mind-numbing horror at the Grauls’ hands.

Kaven Windstrike

Kaven Windstrike, a handsome young man with dark hair and emerald eyes, has traditionally been able to get

what he wants out of life via his good looks and smooth tongue. He was a wayward youth born to harried parents

in Turtleback Ferry, and his antics finally got him in over his head when he assaulted and robbed an old goatherd

who turned out to be a longtime family friend. Infuriated, his father was all but ready to press charges and have the

boy taken south by the law to serve time in a jail in Ilsurian, but his mother managed to temper that reaction.

Kaven was given a choice: be disowned and spend time in prison, or seek membership among the Black Arrows.

His father always admired the order, and figured if they couldn’t shape Kaven into an upstanding man, no one

could. Kaven, balking at the thought of prison, chose the Black Arrows.