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The Rollin' Stomps,

Doc Scalon's Cool Cat Combo,

DJ Mr. Patxi "Crazy Legs",

The Rollin’ Stomps was created in Madrid in 2015 and has close ties with the city’s Lindy Hop scene, performing regularly at dance and concert halls, swing academies, festivals or outdoor stages throughout Madrid.

The sextet’s carefully selected repertoire is faithful to the original works of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Fats Waller, Benny Carter, etc. Besides these classics, the Rollin’ Stomps also cover swing versions of contemporary pop-rock songs, bringing some freshness to the usual swing repertoire.

The carefully crafted arrangements for the wind and rhythm sections show the band’s excellent musicianship, and their swing and short solos show that they play their music with dancers in mind!

Band members are

  • Guillem Ferrer – saxo
  • Victor Aguilar – trumpet
  • Carmen Vela – flute and clarinet
  • Erika López – piano
  • Jorge Frías – bass
  • Jimmy Castro – drums

Doc Scalon's Cool Cat Combo (Sextet)

Spanning the Atlantic Ocean, Doc Scanlon’s Cool Cat Combo claim home addresses in New York (Bassist-leader Doc), Barcelona (Clarinetist Juli & Drummer Marti) and St. Petersburg, Russia (Banjoist Mikha) and a burgeoning international following. The band is very popular with dancers, clubbers and festivals and Doc has established his reputation worldwide touring Spain, France, Germany, the USA and China. The music they love to play is Swing, Hot Jazz, Jump Blues and New Orleans of the 1920’s, 30’s & 40’s, and they excel at the dance rhythms of that colorful period. As you will able to tell, they also have a LOT of fun playing together. Each member has a distinctive personality that comes across in all their live performances.

DJ Mr Patxi "Crazy Legs"

Con una trayectoria de más de veinte años como DJ, Mr Patxi "Crazy Legs" ha sido un referente en la música de baile en San Sebastián. Tras pasar por distintos estilos se centra exclusivamente en el Classic Jazz (Early Jazz y Swing) con el fin de impulsar la escena Swing donostiarra. Ha intervenido en festivales internacionales de Swing en Barcelona, Hertfordshire, París, Montpellier, Toulouse, Burdeos… y, al igual que el año pasado, animará las fiestas de la segunda edición del Festival Donosti Belle Swing!