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buy early and save 5% through OCTOBER 31ST!

To Purchase & Customize Your Yearbook:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter Passcode: 1015924981461695

Hello Donlon Families!

This year, we made the switch to TreeRing for Donlon Elementary’s annual yearbook!

TreeRing creates high quality, high value yearbooks and provides many unique benefits:

    • Custom Yearbooks: Every student gets a one of a kind printed copy containing TWO FREE PAGES to customize with personal photos.

    • Green Yearbooks: TreeRing plants a tree in our school’s name when you purchase a book and prints on recycled paper.

    • Beautiful High Quality Yearbooks: All yearbooks are gorgeously printed in full color using the highest end print production available.

    • ZERO waste. Only yearbooks ordered will be printed! No surplus yearbooks or wasted paper and production.

Our yearbook this year will be 80-pages, including the two free custom pages, printed fully in color. Orders placed by October 31st receive a 5% early-bird discount.

How to order your yearbook in 3 easy steps...

  1. Click this link to create your account: (Passcode: 1015924981461695)

  2. Purchase the yearbook by clicking "Add to Cart" on the homepage, next to your child's name.

  3. Customize your book by uploading your favorite school photo memories! To begin, click "Edit Custom Pages" next to your child's name.

We need your photos for the yearbook!

The best way to make sure your student is well represented in the yearbook is to share your school photos with us by uploading into TreeRing's Shared Photo Folders. We have set up folders for each grade level and school related events. This would help us capture many events and kids' special moments into the yearbook. You can also submit your photos to

Photo requirements:

File types: JPG, PNG, GIF or High Efficiency Image Format (HEIC or HEIF)

Resolution: Any resolution can be uploaded, but we recommend a minimum of 640 x 800 pixel resolution or higher

Max File Size: 19.07 MB

We are looking forward to a year full of great memories and capturing them in the yearbook!

Questions? E-mail me at

Thank you!

Gen Lengefeld

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