What's Up For Summer?

Do something different this summer....

Summer17 is a nine-week employment & mentorship program for youth ages 16-24.

Geared for Washtenaw County youth, Summer17 provides on-the-job training that helps you:

  • gain meaningful work experience and mentorship
  • prepare for the career you want
  • build your professional network
  • gain soft skills (attendance | communication | professionalism | attire)
  • learn about new industries
  • learn how to manage money

A Summer17 job is 20 hours per week and pays $9/hour.

If selected for Summer17, you will need a valid ID to complete an employment application. For a list of acceptable ID documents, click on the document link.

To learn how to get a Washtenaw ID, click here.

For questions, please email

Acceptable ID Documents for Summer17.pdf

Youth applications open April 1, 2017. Space is limited so apply early!

Important Youth Dates

Apr. 1: Youth Application Period Begins

May 11: Youth & Parent Orientation (6pm-8pm with dinner provided)

May 15-May 29: Soft Skills Academy (three sessions)

June 26: Employment Period Begins

Aug. 25: Employment Period Ends