“Summer17 opened doors in a way I could never imagine...I made life-long connections & enjoyed one of the most eye opening and enriching experiences of my life.” Kamaria

“Being part of Summer 17 was awesome! My Summer17 job led to an internship and the internship turned into my career.” - Breanna

"Summer 17 was an amazing opportunity for me to gain experience & learn more about the professional working world...through the program, I found an interest in a career field that I had never given much thought to." - Nolan

“This was our first year participating in the program...our youth was well-equipped for working in a professional environment & the program staff communicated directly with us on a regular basis which enriched our experience.” - Brandie Ekpiken, U-M

"I really loved interacting with everyone. Just the experience of this having this as my first job was amazing and I'm very thankful for this experience."

"It is a very rewarding experience that allows you to learn so many valuable skills for the professional world."

"Summer18 gives you a sense of independence at an early age, but it also gives you a chance to learn valuable things you can take to college or through high school."

"It can create connections for your career as well as enhance other skills you need work on."