• What benefit is there to becoming a Summer17 Employer? By becoming a Summer17 Employer, you help area youth gain meaningful work experience and mentorship that serves as the critical “stepping stone” they need to increase their marketability in today’s competitive job market.

  • How much will it cost me to hire a youth for Summer17? This depends on the number of hours a youth works. The hourly pay rate is $9.00 plus a small amount of taxes equating to roughly $0.78 per hour.

Youth will also be paid for an orientation session with Washtenaw County Human Resources.

This session will last approximately one hour.

- Hourly Pay Rate: $9.00

- Tax Rate (est.): $0.78

- Cost based on 15 hours per week for 9 weeks plus orientation session: $1,330

- Cost based on 20 hours per week for 9 weeks plus orientation session: $1,770

- Cost based on 25 hours per week for 9 weeks plus orientation session: $2,210

  • Do you provide stipends for agencies who want to participate; but are unable to cover the monetary contribution? At this time, Summer17 cannot provide stipends for agencies unable to meet the monetary contribution. Should this change, we will communicate the availability of funding on the Summer17 website.

  • I have some hesitation about bringing on a younger employee. Every youth hired through Summer17 will have reliable transportation; all necessary identification for employment eligibility; and attended a “Soft Skills Academy” inclusive of training in communication, conflict resolution, professionalism and networking – all of which prepare youth to make positive contributions to your business.

  • Who is the Employer of Record for Summer17? The University of Michigan and Washtenaw County are the Employers of Record for Summer17.

  • With Washtenaw County being an employer of record, wouldn’t the youth be covered under their insurance? Proof of insurance is required for anyone contracting with Washtenaw County.
  1. General and employer liability will protect the employer and County in the event of bodily injury or other damages resulting from any wrongdoing on the employer's behalf.
  2. Automobile insurance will protect youth who are required to be inside of a vehicle for any portion of their employment with a Summer17 employer.

  • I am not comfortable with the workers’ comp insurance requirement and cannot participate in Summer17. We hope you will consider supporting Summer17 by becoming a Summer17 community partner through an in-kind donation. The donation is tax-deductible. To learn more, please email summertwenty17@gmail.com

  • Are there meetings I need to attend? Yes, employers will be required to participate in interviewing, training and orientation sessions to prepare for Summer17:
  1. An employer orientation & training is scheduled for May 9th from 8:30am-10:30am.
  2. Matching sessions are scheduled the week of May 15th to meet prospective youth employees

  • I submitted an application, now what? A MichiganWorks! staff member will contact you the first week in May to discuss next steps.

  • I am not on a bus line, will this exclude me from being a Summer17 Employer? No, Summer17 will make efforts to match you with youth employees with transportation. Based on your business location, on-demand individual transportation options may be made available to youth employees.


  • I filled out a Summer17 application, now what? You will receive a phone call from a MichiganWorks! staff member to determine your eligibility for Summer17.

  • If I get a Summer17 job, what forms of ID do I need to fill out an employment application? Please review "Acceptable ID Documents" for employment application requirements.

  • I need to get an ID - how can I get a Washtenaw County ID? Click here to learn how to get a Washtenaw County ID card.


  • How can I support Summer17 if I'm unable to employee a youth? Please email summertwenty17@gmail.com to learn about other ways to become involved in Summer17.

  • How does Washtenaw County benefit from Summer17? Youth employment promotes positive social relations and inter-generational dialogue; helps youth make connections outside of their communities; and facilitates the entry of young skilled people into key economic growth area within the county.