It's Time To Level The Playing Field

A premium domain name gives your business instant CREDIBILITY and puts you on an even playing field EVEN with your largest competitors.

It describes what your company is about, for example:

a) real estate

b) insurance

                                                                                                                                          c) dentistry

   d) roof repair 


         Doesn't matter what industry you're in!

Leveraging the right domain names will build your brand by creating a strong image for your business and can mean the difference in whether you or your competitors get the lion's share of online business.

Why More Domain Names, And Not Only One?

A single domain location is NO LONGER SUFFICIENT and could put your business at risk of being overwhelmed by COMPETING BRANDS AND DOMAINS.

Building and owning lots of domains as a part of an online strategy can help your business with running circles around your competitors.

You can choose to create new content around new domains or FUNNEL CONSUMER SEARCHES BACK TO YOUR MAIN WEBSITE!

Also, this will help to track ad spend more wisely.


Google ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads, you name it!

Actual Case Study

A florist in Texas purchased around 20 affordable descriptive domain names such as and

As a result, the company's TRAFFIC INCREASED by 47% and THEY WERE ABLE TO INCREASE SALES BY 1.5 MILLION while closing five brick and mortar locations. So there's a giant cost savings there too.

They used the domains in things like printed ads, radio and TV ads, so they can see what is actually working.

Multinational technology company Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos, receives over 6 billion total visits across their numerous 258 DOMAIN NAMES.

Search Engine Optimization

In terms of SEO purposes, when you have various products or brands that cater to different audiences, you can take advantage of owning specific domains for various promotions.

This will help you take up more ''real estate'' in search results and capture far more attention.

Domain names are DIGITAL REAL ESTATE!

A popular way to implement this strategy is to create microsites with unique content that fills a need for your audience. The microsites can then link to your main business site if that's your goal.

An additional way to implement this is to use ''redirects''. By doing this, you'll be able to permanently redirect your secondary domains to your primary domain. With redirects, all of the rankings from the secondary domains to your primary one will boost overall rankings in search.

Most people won't find your website by typing your domain into their browser. They're far more likely to find your site by SEARCHING for KEYWORDS RELATED TO YOUR BUSINESS.

A site without a targeted domain name could end up ranking lower in the search results for many different reasons, so your WOULD-BE CUSTOMERS may very well end up BROWSING YOUR COMPETITION INSTEAD OF YOU.

Use A Memorable Domain Name To Redirect To Your Social Media 

You can redirect a specific domain name to your Facebook Page, Instagram Page, LinkedIn profile, Etsy profile, your Google Maps listing, or anything you want.

This means that if someone types your domain name into their browser, they'll end up on WHATEVER PAGE YOU WANT THEM TO END UP ON.

In the short term, this gives people an easy way to find your profile on those interactive virtual communities and networks.

Redirects are easy to set up. You just need to point your nameservers.

Which Is The Most Popular TLD?

TLD stands for Top-Level Domain, it is a final component of a domain name, extension.


That's right! 

.com is added at the beginning of 1985, its name is derived from the word commercial, indicating its original intended purpose for domains registered by commercial organizations.

.com is the #1 single MOST TRUSTED TLD, people are 3.8 times more likely to type .com extension after the domain name when searching the web.

Owning the .com version should always be THE FIRST OPTION. This passes on STRENGTH and LEADERSHIP.

Other popular TLDs :







Final Words

A domain name can be the FIRST INTERACTION that a customer has with YOUR BRAND.

A premium domain name allows companies without a large marketing budget to take a LEADERSHIP POSITION 'cause they stand out by controlling any doubts or misunderstandings the clients are NOT LOOKING FOR in order to become your consumer.


Premium domain names go a long way towards generating traffic to your website, attracting new leads on the internet before your competitors do.

They build your REPUTATION.

That will result in more customers and far better sales!