Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to all Dolphins who are regulars at practice. Remember practice comes first and video-taping is offered if needed. Stroke work is done on a regular basis in practice, and it is imperative that a swimmer takes advantage of what is offered in practice before they request lessons. Lessons are appropriate when a swimmer has done all that he or she can do to grasp concepts in practice and the swimmer is still struggling to master his or her technique. This is when lessons would be most beneficial.

Time Availability:

Coach Bob is available Saturday and Sunday afternoons.


  • For DOLF year-round and committed members with Coach Bob: $30 for half hour, $40 for 45 min, and $50 for an hour.
  • For DOLF members only with an assistant coach: $20 for half hour and $35 an hour for seasonal swimmer and Belugas.