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Maclay Northside Dolphins has a program for every level swimmer, from beginner level to state level and even nationally ranked swimmers.


To start swimming with Maclay Northside Dolphins in the Beluga division your child should be able to swim the length of 25 meter pool breathing to side relatively easily. If your child can make the length but has trouble with the breathing, lessons are the best way to build their skills. Practice for this group runs one hour and fifteen minutes and there are multiple start times available during the winter season. Please see the calendar for times.

Remember, practice consists of swimming lap after lap. Even at a beginning level, swimmers swim a lap working on a skill, get feedback and then swim another lap. So even the most elementary level of swim team may have a practice that consists of 20-40 lengths. People who do not breathe properly can get inordinately tired very quickly and find practice overwhelmingly difficult.

Seven and a half is usually the appropriate age to start a child in a competitive sport. Before that, most children do not appreciate the structure of swim practice nor the idea of competition. For the few that are particularly competitive at an early age, we make exceptions.

If you are new to competitive swimming, it is best to start at one of our designated start times, when many others will be starting with you and coaches are prepared to gear the workouts to new swimmers. Those designated start times are at the beginning of the fall season, the beginning of the spring season, and the beginning of the summer season.

Experienced Swimmers

We have practice programs of up to 9 practices per week in the summer and 7 per week in the school year. Experienced competitive swimmers have more flexibility when they start and should discuss their options with Coach Bob. He may be reached through email at

High School Swimmers

If you just want a low pressure program to get ready for High School season, you can do that as well. We have a limited High School conditioning program, but we recommend participating in the advanced or intermediate groups if you want to take advantage of everything DOLF has available.

Prospective swimmers

Prospective swimmers are allowed to try the program for one week for $20 without further commitment. By the end of that week, if the swimmer would like to continue, the parents should submit a USA registration form by the close of that week. If the swimmer decides to continue with DOLF, the $20 already paid will be credited toward the monthly coaching fees. The remainder of the registration papers may be completed by the following Monday. USA registration and team registration forms are provided online.