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We are very proud to have our swimmers ranked on State and National level.

Maclay Northside Dolphins is a non-profit and tax deductible (501 (c)(3)) organization. Our swim team serves school age children at all levels of swimmers from those just starting out to those competing on a state level. Presently, our primary focus is on developmental training in and out of the pool. Our swimmers range in age from 7 to 17 years of age and engage in varying degrees of commitment. Depending on placement in certain practice groups, our swimmers can participate in weekly practice anywhere from 3.5 hours to 14 hours per week. Weekly practices include pool work plus weight training. All levels of ability and commitment are welcome, although commitment is strongly encouraged. The sport of swimming in unique in that success can be achieved even without great talent if you are willing to work hard and work consistently. As evidenced by so many of our success stories, a high level of accomplishment is virtually inevitable as long as you stay with the sport long enough!

News Letters

North/central Florida SMALL TEAM competation

Great meet, lots of fun, a model for the future. Best true TEAM MEET of the year. We are already working on improving it for next year.

Thanks to everyone for coming. Despite the fact that I'd really like to get more people to attend, we still exceeded our attendance to Dothan or Panama City by a couple of swimmers. Next year, I'd like this meet to be 100 % attendance.


As I've been saying for years, sleep is often the forgotten ingredient is sports success. Michael Phelps confirmed this in recent comments (attached). In today's climate of kids staying up late as a badge of honor and parents encouraging over-scheduling, sleep is often the casualty. It makes recovery and growth very difficult. This gets reflected in reduced practice performance-- and probably performance everywhere else. More about this in future newsletters.

- 9-12 March - Reserve this date for FLAGs in Stuart Florida.