Billing Information

Swim Team Costs

Costs come in a variety of ways; direct expenses, time costs, team participation costs. While swimming for DOLF, your average monthly cost will average $130.00 per month depending on your swim level, your meet participation, and the number of children in your home. Below is a breakdown of the current costs:

USA Registration Fees

These are yearly, are mandatory as soon as you join (it's an insurance issue), and for 2016 are $64/year or 38.50 for the summer season. You will either be billed for this fee or you can send a check when you first join (made out to Maclay Northside Dolphins) to PO Box 13508 Tallahassee Florida 32317.

Coaching Fees

Coaching fees range from $65/month to 90/month. Your pool rental comes out of these fees as well. These will be automatically billed and paid through Team Unify. When first joining, you will need to logon to the TeamUnify system and create a payment method. Please email Sarah Bolinder at for registration instructions.


Beluga and Pre Belugas $70 $195*

Advanced Belugas $75 $210

Intermediate I $80 $225

Intermediate II $85 $240

Advanced I $90 $255

Advanced II $95 $270

* Minimum for summer = $100

Team Fees

These dues as paid quarterly to the team beginning December 1st of the calendar year. When your child first signs up with DOLF, you will have the option of choosing a credit card payment or electronic check payment option on the Teamunify system. These debits will total $40.00 quarterly for the first child, $15.00 for the second child, and $10.00 for the third child, plus two volunteer hours.

Note: If you choose to leave or suspend your activities with DOLF, you will need to disenroll in the electronic payment system by advising an administrator or board member of your intention to leave 30 days prior to your withdrawal date. Failure to do so will end in continued debits from your account or credit card. Please review the billing policies provided in the Parent Handbook.

LATE FEE POLICY: If your payment is returned or is not kept current, you will be charged a $10.00 late fee on the 21st of the first month of the quarter. If you do not pay the late fee and dues, your account will be placed on suspension and you will have to contact an administrator to be deemed active. Please contact if you have further concerns about the late fee policy

Meet Fees

A team email will be sent announcing meets and informing parents how to register for the meets. Once registration for the meet is concluded, your child will be billed for participation in the meet automatically and the cost will be added to your TeamUnify billing account. You will receive a billing summary on the last day of the month and the amount owed will be debited from you account or credit card on the 1st of every month.

Fundraising Fees

We pay for the heat for the winter. That bill can range from $8,000 to $12,000, depending on the winter. We run fundraising events (the main one is Swim-o-Rama in the fall before winter comes). Expectation of year round swimmers is $175/1 swimmer or $300/2 swimmers. This is in addition to any fees mentioned above and can be raised through pledges or business sponsorships. We expect everyone's participation, including summer seasonal swimmers-- there would be no team in the summer without a team throughout the winter. Expectation of seasonal swimmers is $75/swimmer.


Your child will need swim suits, fins, googles, caps, etc. These purchases will be separate from the other costs listed; however, DOLF will occasionally orchestrate purchases of team labeled items such as swim caps and t-shirts and hopes to have a linkable store available on the website in the near future. Swimmer will also need one or more pairs of fins, which you can buy from Coach Bob. Fins are $25.

Time "fees"

  • Please read your email from Coach Bob or Team Unify. Emails come out 1x or 2x per week.
  • Time spent attending swim meets (competitions). In town meets are fine to start, but as you progress, you'll probably want o add travel meets as well. (There is also a monetary cost for attending meets that ranges from a few dollars to up to $50 for some swim meets if you swim the full complement of events.)
  • And fill out your parent handbook so we can set you up to pay online- either monthly or quarterly.