Do Good Des Moines

Do Good Des Moines stands for all that is good in Iowa. We are a christian organization that looks to positively impact our underserved community members; encourage volunteerism throughout our population; and ultimately highlight what it means to be "Iowa Nice". Creation of our organization was inspired by a few community members "paying it forward" toward our founder. That spark of inspiration, has lead to a widespread force for good. Do Good Des Moines will pay it forward, over and over again.

We aspire to be the hub that at-risk populations can come to, whether they’re at-risk of homelessness, hunger, addiction, domestic violence or poverty; We aim to help directly by being intertwined deeply with local resources.

By learning someone's unique situation and struggles, we can customize our referrals to the optimal organizations. Not only are we committed to finding help through referrals, we aim to help with direct efforts of our own. Donations to our organization are utilized by adopting people and families that land in tough spots, and helping bridge the gap between their next paycheck, job, or home.

Do Good Des Moines has partnered with several businesses to provide services in the central Iowa area; including Hot Tamale Catering, Peace Tree brewing, Hard to Love, Des Moines Parks and Recreation, and Hawthorn Hill New Directions Shelter.