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I began on a new new path working a job that is helping everyday people who love their dog but can't find the time to fulfill the needs of their four-legged friend while they were so busy trying to keep up with life's day-to-day demands such as chores, jobs, work, raising a family, & other prior obligations etc.. With all of my services here at [DogGoneLocal], I have completed walking over 1,700 miles within the previous year, with no end in sight.

I truly love what I do with because of the bountiful & therapeutic healing I gain and the peace of mind my clients receive because of the work I accomplish for them. To top it off I get to spend all my time outdoors with your best-friend, exploring new neighborhoods, taking in new sites/smells, beginning new adventures each and every day. I am not what one would simply call a "dog walker". I consider myself a Dog Care Specialist. But still, there is more to it than some fancy title. To me, this is not a mere basic job either.

This is a way of life- a new way that I created out of nothing, that brings me joy. Also, I receive a sense of fulfillment and purpose, a feeling of pride, a way to engage myself with the community and the ability to help people who appreciate the dedicated effort I put into taking care of their favorite family member. Just please remember, your dog wants to explore the neighborhood. Your dog wants an adventure. I look forward to meeting you and your dog!

Best Regards,

Andrew LeClerc

Owner of [ DogGoneLocal ] [ +Dog Care +On Demand ]

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