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Beard Transplantation - Transplantation of Hair for a Beard

More and more men like to have a beard. Being neatly shaved is no longer of this time and so we increasingly see a hairy face in the street scene. Not every man has the ability to leave a full beard, possibly because the beard growth starts slowly or because of the lack of sufficient hair follicles. This group of men also want to show their masculinity. How can a beard transplant offer a solution? Beard Growth Spray best multivitamin for beard growth.

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More and more men are having their beards, because it underlines the masculinity. With a full-grown beard one looks striking as a man and one can possibly achieve more. A beard exudes authority, with more authority and possibly more attraction. Neatly shaved are no longer necessary and so more and more men are showing their beard (lit.1). Some may want to leave a beard, but they can not. Or one is too young, but sometimes too little hair can be present. In that case, a beard transplant can be considered. How does that work?

When to consider surgery?

Beard growth does not start with every man at the same time. It depends on puberty , the share of working hair follicles and whether one starts to shave early. Normally it is assumed that a beard growth is maximum from the age of twenty-five. The question of whether a transplant should be carried out must therefore be discussed from that moment on. Before that time, growth can still start, because hormones only stimulate it later. If you have little beard growth and you want to leave it alone, you can consider having a transplant from the age of twenty-five.


Because it is done more and more often, the costs are being printed. A small transplant costs around four hundred euros and can go up to four thousand euros for larger interventions. How much it really will cost depends on the hair density, how many hair follicles really need to be moved and the wishes of the person.

Methods for beard transplantation

Various methods are available to transplant her. It is only questionable how intensive the transplant is, in addition to which the financial picture also plays a part. The following distinction is used for hair transplantation.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

This is the most accessible method to transplant her . The idea with this method of working is that the hair bundles or the follicular units are transferred as a whole (lit.2). A unit contains multiple hairs (one to four) and should be transferred as such. It is a small organ, containing a sweat gland, bloodstreams and nerve branches. Normally a skin part is used from the back of the head, which is divided and reduced to small compact units. It can then be implanted in the beard zone. In a part of the day up to more than four thousand hairs can be moved. The disadvantage is that the back of the head remains a scar and can sometimes be visible.

Follicular Unit Extraction

No skin is removed, but the follicular units are removed one by one from the back of the head. It means that the entire organ is moved and implanted. It is less drastic for the skin, but the procedure is more intensive and therefore more expensive.


Hair stem cell transplant

Another method is the removal of part of the hair follicles from a donor area, which are implanted in the beard zone. Tapping and placing is done per 'graft' (hair pocket part), so that gradually bald spots are treated. The advantage here is that the donor skin is not removed. In addition, parts of the original hair follicles remain in the donor skin, so that hair growth continues there (lit.3). It is thus, as it were, the cuttings of a plant, but in this case hair follicles are used for this purpose. beard growth products that actually work

does beard growth spray work
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Laser technology is often used for the repair of the donor-like beard skin. This can simply be done at home, whereby a manual laser is passed over the skin (lit.4). The aim is to have wounds repaired more quickly, in addition to which hair growth starts faster and better. Hearth thickness improves and the chance of initial hair loss after implantation decreases. Note that it takes some time before the hair growth starts. The implanted part must first recover, after which the hair growth increases in the skin. Normally it takes several months for the first hair growth to reveal itself.