Welcome to my site!

By some miracle you have managed to find yourself visiting my webpage! Since you're here already, you may as well hang around for a bit and read what I have to say!

Currently I am working on two visual novel projects of my own, Tomomi and Timeless, but I am also assisting with the development of I'm Oh, So Busy: A week with Yoshimi. I love the visual novel genre and hope to work on many more projects in the future.

When I am not working on a visual novel I spend my spare time in Blender 3D. For the past year I've been teaching myself to use the program to make various different models to go alongside my other hobby. I am a learning Garry's Mod modder, which sounds about as impressive as you think it does (it isn't) which allows me to improve my skills in basic coding, some graphic design, modelling and texture work!

I try to be a pretty sociable person and would love it if you said hello! So feel free to shoot me an email or join my Discord server and introduce yourself.

My Affiliates & Friends

Listed below are some extraordinary people that I've had the pleasure of working with over the last few months. Many of the people here I consider to be very close friends of mine and it would be amazing if you took the time to check them out!

Berry - I'm Oh, So Busy developer and publisher for Timeless

CaliNinjaPanda - Story writer and health enthusiast

FaeLalune - Voice actor and fashion designer

Eyzi - Visual novel developer

Molda - 3D artist

Chazzyvee - Twitch streamer

LoLKattt - Twitch streamer

Erickiwi - 2D character artist

Arctic Fox - 2D character artist