Dodgen-Walton Science Olympiad

'B' Invitational - November 16, 2019

Walton High School

1590 Bill Murdock Rd

Marietta GA, 30062

General Information

Space is still available for schools with 0-2 year's experience (The top Invitational Flight is full). Email Kathy at if you would like an invitation letter with the registration link.

The Dodgen-Walton Invitational will be held on Saturday, November 16, 2019. This is a "B" Middle School tournament.

Email with questions.


Welcome to the Dodgen Science Olympiad Invitational Website. Thank you for completing your on-line registration and sending in your check to Dodgen Middle School Science Olympiad Team (Payment forms and information were emailed to coaches).

If you have not registered, please go to the following website to register and also email to see if space is still available: . only limited space is available for teams with 0-2 years experience with Science Olympiad.

Registration is complete upon acceptance and receipt of your fee.

Each competing team must also be registered (and paid up) with your state’s Science Olympiad program.

The website below this has not been updated from last year - this info is for reference only.

Invitational News

Check web periodically for news and Invitational updates.


    • ESUS summary update posted
    • School classroom maps emailed to head coach


    • Printable Schedule link.
      • Events that can be viewed by the public are: Mousetrap Vehicle, Boomilever, Elastic Launch Gliders, and Mission Possible.


    • Lunch orders and payment is due November 1st to Walton High School. See "Food information" section on this website or your coach email for details and link.
    • Event tests are due 10/28. List of schools writing tests

Event Maps -

Map to Invitational These maps include both Car and Bus parking information and will be updated the week of the event.

A map of the school showing homeroom and test rooms is being sent by email to the head coach the week before the competition.

Tournament Day Information

The school building will open at 6:30 am.

Registration is from 7:00 am - 8:20 am. Head coach can pick up team's envelope at registration desk in main entrance lobby at Walton HS.

Impounds are 7:30 am - 8:15 am. See schedule for rooms

Pizza lunches with pre-paid tickets will be available from 11:00 am-1:00 pm in the Dining Hall so students can attend lunch when they do not have an event. (See lunch food information section to place order) Concessions will also be available most of the day.

Elastic Launch Glider practice flights - 6:45 am - 8:15 am in Dodgen Covered Play Area or at Walton (Watch for update)

The Award Ceremony is scheduled to start at 3:30.

Event Graders - Please turn in your scores to the scoring room in the Library/Information Center as soon as possible to accommodate an on-time awards ceremony. Contact Kathy or Debbie if you need additional help in grading your tests.

New Coach Class. Room 402 (Hospitality Suite) - 9:40 am - 10:20 am. This class is for new head coaches and their leadership team to learn more about the Science Olympiad program and to network with experienced coaches.

General Information

  • The Invitational will follow standard Science Olympiad rules including a maximum of 15 students per team. All National & State Rules Clarifications posted prior to October 12th should be utilized in the events.
  • Building event facilities information Link . Photos of Glider venue plus floor information for Mousetrap Vehicle.
  • Last year's Elastic Launch Glider room is approximately 6 Meters tall and 24 M x 17 M. The ceiling is reasonably flat. (Watch for possible room change to a large band room)
  • Homeroom and Team Number Link (Homerooms COMING later) Updates and a final list of homerooms will be emailed directly to coaches.

Event Supervisor Information

Coaches who are leading building events should utilize the Team Score Sheet/Checklists and Event Score Sheet/Spreadsheet on the national Science Olympiad website. This will help assure that we have scores completed in time for the award ceremony. We will send a copy of the spreadsheet to the event judges that has the school names and team numbers filled in prior to the event.

  • List of Events and schools who are writing tests
  • links for Team Score Sheet/Checklists & Event Score Sheet/Spreadsheets are at the following website so you can practice with them - Event Supervisor Resources and Score Sheets (without teams). Note the national score sheet page has not bee updated as of 9/17/19 - so check back for that later.
  • Bring a laptop computer to input your scores in through-out the day to help speed up final scoring.
  • Plan on stations for 16 teams in each session (if station event)
  • Bring 48 copies of your test plus several copies of your answer key to help you and your judges grade the exams.

Schedule and Sign-up Results

2018 Schedule 2019 schedule will be available next week

ESUS Event Sign up Results as of 11/5/18 (THIS WILL CHANGE - this is Last year's for reference only - needs update)

Event Sign-up (Last year's tournament info - needs update)

EVENT Sign-up has closed. Lead Coaches were emailed the password and user name to use the ESUS system for signing up for event times.

    • The schedule was designed to accommodate an on-time awards ceremony. Most test events end in the 5th time-slot and build-its run until end of tournament.
    • The Science Olympiad Event logistics Chart provided guidance for timing of the events to place events requiring longer grading periods earlier in the day. The National schedule was also considered.
    • There are 3 time-slots available for each test event to provide a better chance that students will get to participate in the events they have studied for. Each school may only sign up for one time slot for each event. If you have two teams, they must compete in the same time slot for test events (including Fast Facts, Hovercraft, Optics, and Mystery Architecture). Building events may be in different time-slots.

Event Tests

Event tests and keys will be available to participating teams after the invitational on a password protected website.

Rules clarifications dated prior to October 12th will be used for this tournament. See

Food Information

The Dodgen-Walton Science Olympiad Invitational tournament will provide a $ 6.00 "Lunch Deal" that includes 2 slices of Pizza, drink, and cookie.

Please take a few minutes to complete the Lunch order form so we can order enough food for everyone. The "Lunch Deal" is available to everyone! Include pizza orders for all who will be attending (Students, parents, siblings,coaches...).

Click here to input your Lunch order Form by Friday, November 1, 2019.

Please complete this form and send in your lunch money by November 1, 2019. The ticket system will help us to order enough pizza and serve you faster.

Mail your team lunch check to:

Walton High School

Attn: Wes Taylor

1590 Bill Murdock Rd.

Marietta, GA 30062

Make check payable to: "Walton High School" and mailed to be received by November 1st.


The day of the competition, Coaches can pick up their team's lunch tickets by the registration desk.

Pizza lunches will be available from 11:00 am-1:00 pm in the Dining Hall so students can attend lunch when they do not have an event. Concessions will also be available most of the day.

Please keep in mind the following:

1. Proceeds from food sales will help support Dodgen & Walton Science Olympiad programs. Please do not bring in outside food except in the case of individual dietary restrictions. The concession stand is our primary fundraiser.

2. Parking will be limited and traffic could be an issue with events going on at nearby George Walton High School. Coming and going from the campus is not advised.

3. NO FOOD WILL BE ALLOWED IN OUR CLASSROOMS. All food must be eaten in the Dining Hall (Cafeteria).

4. Concessions, including doughnuts, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, sodas, and snacks will be on sale in the cafeteria for most of the day or as long as they last.

Contact Wes Taylor with lunch or concessions questions at:

Many Thanks to our Sponsor - Lockheed Martin


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Wes Taylor Co-director (Walton HS) -

Debbie Amodeo Co-director (Dodgen MS)

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