Dodgen-Walton Science Olympiad

'B' Invitational - November 14, 2020

Walton High School

1590 Bill Murdock Rd

Marietta GA, 30062

General Information

The Dodgen-Walton Invitational will be held on Saturday, November 14, 2020.

This is a "B" Middle School tournament.

Email with questions.


There are a few spaces left in the invitational. Please email The tournament Director at if you are interested in attending.

Each competing team must also be registered (and paid up) with your state’s Science Olympiad program.

Invitational News

Check web periodically for news and Invitational updates.

    • Event Signup starting day has changed to November 2nd.

    • Event Supervisor information:

      • 2021 Event Supervisor Logistics Manual published. Review this if you are running an event.

      • If you are writing a test event, use all rules clarifications through October 12th.

      • Have your event supervisor log into Scilympiad so their event can be assigned to them to be able to enter their test. Let Tournament Director know their name, school, and event.

Event Maps -

The 2020 Dodgen-Walton Invitational is 100% on-line. Students will take tests from their individual homes due to the COVID-19.

Tournament Day Information

All events are on-line and tests will be accessed from the Scilympiad platform at

The Award Ceremony is scheduled to for the following Saturday, November 21, 2020

Event Graders - Contact Kathy or Doug if you need additional help in grading your tests.

New Coach Class. Zoom call. November 14, 2020 - Time - 2:00 pm (EST) for ~1 hour. This class is for newer head coaches and their leadership team to learn more about the Science Olympiad program and to network with experienced coaches.

General Information

  • The Invitational will follow standard Science Olympiad rules including a maximum of 15 students per team. All National & State Rules Clarifications posted prior to October 12th should be utilized in the events.

  • All teams MUST be registered and paid up with their State Science Olympiad director to participate in any invitational tournament including the Dodgen-Walton Invitational.

  • Ornithology will follow the National bird List

  • Scilympiad will be used for the virtual testing. Please sign your head/Assistant coach & school into Scilympiad.

Event Supervisor Information

Coaches who are leading building events should utilize the Team Score Sheet/Checklists and Event Score Sheet/Spreadsheet on the national Science Olympiad website.

Schedule and Sign-up Results

Schedule Link

Event Sign-up

  • EVENT Sign-up starts November 2 @ 8 pm EST through November 4 @ 11:58 pm EST. *UPDATED*

o Sign up for Mission Possible & Mousetrap Vehicle first as each of these events have limited space in each timeslot .

o Digital Structures and Codebusters will have plenty of space in each session to accommodate all who need the time. Select the best time for your students.

o All other events do not need sign-ups

o Signups will be in the Scilympiad tool.

Event Tests

  • Dodgen-Walton Invitational Event Description link

  • Event tests and keys will be available to participating teams after the invitational Awards on a password protected website.

  • Rules clarifications dated prior to October 12th will be used for this tournament. See

Many Thanks to our Sponsor - Lockheed Martin


Kathy Jacobson Co-director -

Wes Taylor Co-director (Walton HS) -

Doug Wolfe Co-director (Walton HS) -

Debbie Amodeo Co-director (Dodgen MS)

Dodgen Science Olympiad Team e-mail -