Auto Detail Costa Mesa CA

Engine & Undercarriage Steam Cleaning

Doctor Detail has been performing this unique service for over 30 years. We started working with mechanic shops to detect oil leaks and at the same time, have eliminated unnecessary toxic cleaners and waste from going down our drains and into the ocean. Our undercarriage and engine steam cleaning service has expanded to the public and there is no appointment necessary. This service takes about an hour for the basic top and bottom. Undercarriage Restoration for vintage and classic cars is a service that entails a complete cleaning, scraping and steaming of old material and then spraying a fresh layer of hard shell undercoat to seal, soundproof and allow for a factory style finish.

Auto Detail Costa Mesa CA

Doctor Detail’s Vehicle Protection Plan:

Ceramic Polymer Coatings / Nano Coatings / Clear Protection Films / Window Tinting

Protecting a car from the start of ownership is key. Our new car protection plan includes our Ceramic Polymer Coatings or Nano Coatings, as well as Ceramic window tinting and Clear protection films.

Our goal is to keep your Vehicle looking better than new for the long term with minimal cosmetic maintenance. Please call to make an appointment for consultation and a price estimate for what best suits your profile.

Auto Detail Costa Mesa CA


Our Complete Detail is what Doctor Detail’s business was built on. This product is more popular with everyday people who care and love their automobile, and want to see their investment last.

Many who are getting ready to sell their car or preparing for a lease return also use the Complete Detail product. Detailing the engine, interior and exterior with attention to cleaning all areas, but also keeping in mind to not over clean an area that doesn’t need it. Our intention is to preserve your automobile.

Auto Detail Costa Mesa CA

Paint & Upholstery Refinishing

We have a complete paint and body refinishing facility. We can handle everything from a minor dent and bumper refinishing to collision repair.

We collaborate with all insurance companies. Not a week goes by that we are not refinishing bumpers, painting fenders, hoods or doors, often part of a Complete Detail.

Other services that can be performed at the same time is are upholstery repair and re finishing & re-dying whether it be seats, door panels, carpets or convertible tops we have the facility and expertise to handle your needs.

Auto Detail Costa Mesa CA

Exterior and Concourse Detailing

Our Concourse Detail was designed for show cars, but what we have found is that it’s definitely more popular with hobbyists, car club enthusiast and particular customers. This type of clientele is the core of this unique service. It ties in all of Doctor Detail’s services in one detail. A true concourse show car usually does not need attention of deep cleaning, removal of body parts, exterior or interior, they are what we call “Trailer Queens” and before a show they will go through an intensive detailing, but think of it as more of a body massage where all areas of the body get touched by a glaze, polish, or wax. A little paint brush here or there, some conditioner, etc.

Auto Detail Costa Mesa CA

Other Services Performed at Doctor Detail

Dent Removal – We have been performing this service since 1990. There is so much to learn about this process so be careful who you allow to work on your vehicle.

Minor Paint Refinishing – Sometimes we don’t recommend sending to the body shop if we can save you time and money with this service. A short consultation will assure your on the correct path.

Windshield Repair or Replacement – Our long history with working with two of the very best assure you of protection and a perfect job.

Wheel Repair and Refinishing – Whether it be curb rash, complete painting, powder coating, or chroming, we can handle most of your wheel needs.