Dochsa Vetting Services

A Trusting Hand


We offer Vetting and Business Services specifically created for the Holistic, Alternative or Complementary Therapy Sector.

Easy to use services ensure that you can concentrate on what you're good at. Our balanced approach is quite unique, offering a professional and wholesome view on assessing a person or business.

We remove all the stress to ensure your business is being treated ethically, the staff that you hire are exactly who they say they are and their qualifications are valid, ensuring an honest and viable business based on trust.


Identity Checking, DBS and Personal Vetting


Qualifications, Insurance and Business Policies Vetting


Memberships and Continual Professional Development

Customer Experience and Site Visits

Onsite professional inspections and Customer Experience Vetting.

Marketing and Social Media Vetting

Reviews, Social Media Posts and Marketing Material Vetting Services.

Website Compliance Vetting

Check if a Website is Secure and the required policies and checks are in place.