Do you have a cavity?

You might be sitting here wondering if you’ve got a cavity. If you’re someone that has had some issues with eating and drinking hot and cold beverages, or even sweets, you might notice an ache. Do you have a cavity though? Well, you’re about to learn how to spot them, and if you’ve got one.

Now, the obvious way to check to see if you’ve got a cavity is to go to the dentist, for they will tell you straight if you’ve got one, and how to treat the decay there. You actually however can catch it earlier than at the dentist, since there are a few symptoms that might be there before all of that.

Now, when you do see the dentist, there are a few ways that they look at this. Typically, the cavity detector is used, or just probing it and checking it. The latter is a much older form of checking, but the newest tool actually tells you right away any sort of damage that is present on the teeth. Another method that is much older is to use a liquid stain. The dye is put over teeth, then rinsed, and the stain will go from the healthy teeth and not leave the decayed mess.

The cavity-detection tool that many modern dentists use is actually a sort of camera. It shows UV light onto the areas, and it will show where decay is. You might as well, along with this, get a few X-rays taken of your teeth when you go in, which you should, since you can find out if the decay is a mere cavity, or if it’s in the pulp, the roots, or even between the teeth, which are all very hard to see with the naked eye. You also won’t get super exposed to radiation either, so you don’t have to skip any of this.

Obviously, if you feel like you have a cavity, you should go in there and check with your Roseburg dentist. Remember, they have the technology, so they will give you the second option to give you an accurate diagnosis, along with treatment options, in order to give you an educated decision on what to do with your smile so that you can preserve it.

Really, if you start to notice that there is something wrong, you should go in. The most common symptom however, is if you bite down on something, and you feel some sort of pain or discomfort. Usually, for a minor cavity, it can be something as small as a little tinge of pain and not much more. For the larger, bigger issues, this can be much worse, and if you try to brush or floss the area, you might notice that it is painful. In addition, sometimes the color of the teeth might be different, such as a slightly darker hue compared to the other teeth that are around there. if that is the case, you should go in and get this checked out right away, so that if it is anything larger than a little cavity, then it can get fixed.

Some of the larger issues do include a root canal, maybe even decay at the pulp which might mean that you need to get a crown put on or an extraction. It’s not fun to deal with any of this, but it’s way less fun to deal with a cavity. So, do what is best for yourself, and what is best for others, and start to get the dental help that you need to help fix the situation.

Cavities are no joke. They aren’t fun, and often they are quite painful. But by going to your dentist and getting the help that you need, you’ll feel better, and you’ll have a much better result from this. Do this now, so that you can get the help that you need in case if the situation is worse. Don’t sit on a cavity, if you know there is something wrong, do the smart thing and go see the dentist. A little bit of diagnosis can help a whole lot, so do what is right for you, and get help.