Great Do-It-Yourself Gift Baskets

A well-designed gift basket has to be one of the best ways to put a unique stamp on gift giving. This is an easy, do-it-yourself, way to create something fun for family and friends. A gift basket makes any present personal and one-of-a-kind, and the key is all in the theme. Here are 20 creative ideas, sure to inspire and thrill any recipient.

The Hobby Lovers

  • Crafting Whatever their crafting muse may be, knitting, painting, or scrapbooking, the supplies should be readily available at a local craft store.
  • Gardening There's no need to limit this to just seed packets and tools; add some small plants, a pair of gloves, and some whimsical garden ornaments for fun.
  • Birding Feeders and food are great, but don't forget a great pair of binoculars, or, if you are feeling really generous, a camera too.
  • Antiquing This is an idea with a lot of freedom. Just spend a few hours in an antique shop and you are sure to make some great discoveries.
  • Woodworking This will probably require a trip to the hardware store, but amongst all the tools and supplies, a gift card can also be a great addition.

The Personal Care Experts

  • Make-Up And Hair Take a trip to the local drugstore and fill this basket up with all sorts of fun gifts for pampering.
  • Men's Care This one can run the gambit from cologne to scotch, beard oil to snacks.
  • A Night at Home Games, movies, and snacks are the winning combo in this basket.
  • Working Out Whatever their favorite activity is, fill the basket with all the supplies they will need.

The Adventurers

  • Outdoor Gear The list of outdoor gadgets is endless, so take a trip to your local outfitter and have a look.
  • Rock Climbing Climbing shoes and harnesses are a must for this brave bunch, but also consider a membership to a local rock-climbing group.
  • Road-Tripping This could be anything from snacks to sleeping bags, or tickets to an event.
  • Location-Based The theme for this one is somewhere specific, and use that to build something related to the location.

The Food Lovers

  • A Meal Gather all the ingredients for a special meal, add the implements, and don't forget the recipe.
  • Cooking Classes Get this foodie access to a class, and then provide them with all the tools they will need.
  • Appliances This may be an appliance itself, or perhaps just tools, utensils, and attachments.
  • Sweets This one is self-explanatory and fun. Find a variety of candy boxes, mix it up, and don't forget some chocolate.

The Kids

  • Superheroes Whether their favorite hero wears a cape, or a crown, there should be plenty of items to fill this basket up.
  • Gamers Beyond the games themselves, don't forget to check out gaming accessories, or a subscription to their favorite gaming site.
  • Tickets Theme parks, museums, zoos: it shouldn't be too hard to find something to interest any kid, and any related accessories too.