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D-Net | DNet3DP represents services dedicated to making technology accessible, fostering an understanding by offering inclusive, modern solutions. 

With Accessibility Comes Understanding & Inspiration

Explore our 3D Models & Designs section to find an array of high-quality, ready-to-use 3D models for various applications.
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A showcase of AI generated images by D-Net. 
See stunning, high quality images that were created using a variety of tools and techniques such as Text To Image, Image To Image, In-painting, LORA, and more.

The mission, guided by the motto "From Mind To Matter", is to offer exceptional 3D printing, prototyping, software, and AI services that simplify complex tasks and empower people to create. 


Commission for an effects pedal board:

-Rubber Grip Feet
-Modern D-Net Aesthetic
-Routing Holes For Cable Management
-Multiple Applications
-Lightweight & Durable

Commission for Mr. Satan's Jetpack:

-Designed From Image


-High Resolution

-Tiny Details Captured

-Unique Part