Thursday PM

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Session IV: Multimodal

15:30 Keynote: Gemma Boleda (UPF), "Deep learning models of linguistic reference".

16:00 Lluis Gómez (UAB-CVC), "Self-supervised learning of visual features through embedding images into text topic spaces". CVPR 2017.

16:15 Amaia Salvador (UPC-IDEAI), " Learning Cross-Modal Embeddings for Cooking Recipes and Food Images". CVPR 2017.

16:30 Luis Herranz (UAB-CVC), "Mix and match networks: encoder-decoder alignment for zero-pair image translation". CVPR 2018.

16:45 Adrià Recasens (MIT), "Jointly discovering visual objects and spoken words from raw sensory input". ECCV 2018. - @arecasens

Program chairs: Xavier Giro-i-Nieto (BSC), Carina Silberer (UPF), Lluís Castrejón (MILA) & Dimosthenis Karatzas (UAB-CVC).

Target publications: ACM-MM (h5=49) and all from the rest of sessions.

Session V: Deep Learning

17:30 Keynote: Alexandros Karatzoglou (Telefónica Research), "Deep learning for recommender systems". - @alexk_z

18:00 Víctor Campos (BSC-UPC), "Skip RNN: learning to skip state updates in recurrent neural networks". ICLR 2018. - @vcampos7

18:15 Pau Rodríguez (CVC), "TADAM: task dependent adaptive metric for improved few-shot learning". NeurIPS 2018. - @prlz77

18:30 Carlos Florensa (Berkeley), "Automatic goal generation for reinforcement learning agents". ICML 2018.

18:45 Adrià Gascón (Alan Turing Institute), "TAPAS: tricks to accelerate (encrypted) prediction as a service". ICML 2018.

Program chairs: Joan Serrà (Telefónica Research), Joan Bruna (NYU), Petia Radeva (UB) & Jordi Torres (BSC).

Target publications: NeurIPS (h5=134), ICML (h5=113), ICLR, ECML, AAAI (h5=69), IJCAI (h5=61).