Thursday AM

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Session I: Language

9:00 Keynote: Raquel Fernández (UvA) "Local and global dialogue dynamics". - @raquelfdzrovira,

9:30 Xavier Carreras (dMetrics), "Local string transduction as sequence labeling". COLING 2018. - @xavier_nlp

09:45 Kristina Gulordava (UPF), "Colorless green recurrent networks dream hierarchically". NAACL 2018. - @xsway_

10:00 Francesco Barbieri (Alpha Telefónica), "Interpretable emoji prediction via label-wise attention LSTMs". EMNLP 2018. - @fvancesco

10:15 Cristina España-Bonet (DFKI), "Neural machine translation is like a pig".

Program chairs: Gemma Boleda (UPF-DTG), Marta R. Costa-jussà (UPC-IDEAI), Lluís Màrquez (Amazon) & Lluís Padró (UPC).

Target publications: ACL (h5=87), EMNLP (h5=76), NAACL (h5=56), COLING (h5=31), EACL (h5=28), CoNLL (h5=25).

Session II: Computer Vision

11:00 Keynote: Laura Leal-Taixé (TUM), "A fight against time? Deep learning for video analysis". - @lealtaixe

11:30 Francesc Moreno (UPC-CSIC), "Geometric deep learning for perceiving and modelling human shape" (contains ECCV 2018).

11:45 Àgata Lapedriza (UOC), "Emotion recognition in context". CVPR 2017. - @AgataLapedriza

12:00 Javier Romero (Amazon), "Learning from synthetic humans". CVPR 2017.

12:15 José M. Álvarez (NVIDIA), "Scaling up deep learning for autonomous driving" (contains ECCV 2018).

Program chairs: Carles Ventura (UOC), Coloma Ballester (UPF), Antonio Agudo (UPC-IRI) & Sergio Escalera (UB-CVC).

Target publications: CVPR (h5=188), ICCV (h5=124), ECCV (h5=104).

Session III: Audio

12:30 Keynote: Antonio Bonafonte (UPC), "Speech generation using deep models".

13:00 Oriol Nieto (Pandora), "Recommending music with waveform-based architectures at scale". ISMIR 2018. - @urinieto [slides] [video]

13:15 Jordi Pons (UPF-MTG), "Training neural audio classifiers with few data". - @jordiponsdotme

13:30 Santiago Pascual (UPC), "Towards general speech enhancement with GANs" (extension from INTERSPEECH 2017). - @santty128

13:45 Merlijn Blaauw (UPF-MTG), "Current work on neural singing synthesis" (extension from SMC 2017).

Program chairs: Xavier Serra (UPF), José A. R. Fonollosa (UPC), Emilia Gómez (UPF) & Jordi Luque (Telefónica Research).

Target publications: ICASSP (h5=79), INTERSPEECH (h5=56), ISMIR (h5=28), SMC.