Friday AM

Location: Auditori Vèrtex, Campus Nord UPC, 08034 Barcelona

(WiFi access: DeepLearningBCN2018)

8:30 Registration desks open. A badge must be collected beforehand to access the auditorium. Badges not collected after the coffee break might be reallocated.

Kindly sponsored by Crisalix.

Session VI

9.00 Obertura (in Catalan): David Ferrer (Secretary of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity & Digital Society. Government of Catalonia).

9:15 Panel (in English): "How could we make Barcelona the AI hub it has the potential to be?", with David Puentes (Government of Catalonia), Elisenda Bou (Vilynx), Oriol Vinyals (Google Deepmind), Adriana Romero (Facebook AI Research), Antonio Torralba (MIT) and Petia Radeva (UB-CVC). Moderated by Cristian Canton (Facebook).

10:00 Keynote: Adriana Romero (Facebook AI Research), "Deep learning for graphs, sets and MRIs".

Session chair: Ferran Marqués (UPC ETSETB TelecomBCN)

Coffee Break

Kindly sponsored by UPC ETSETB TelecomBCN School.

Session VII

11:15 Keynote: Antonio Torralba (MIT), "Learning to see and dissecting neural networks"

12:00 Keynote: Oriol Vinyals (Google Deepmind), "Neural representation learning and generative models".

12:45 End of the session (please help us in having the auditorium empty at 13:00)

Session chair: Xavier Giro-i-Nieto (UPC-IDEAI / BSC)

Location: Basement of Building B3 (entrance from Plaça Telecos), Campus Nord UPC, 08034 Barcelona

Torrons & Cava Session

Kindly sponsored by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).

13:00 Group photo @ stairs outside building B3

13:05 Poster session @ Sala Àgora kindly sponsored by Vilynx

13:05 Q&A with keynote speakers @ Sala Multimèdia Professor Vicente del Fraile

13:05 Networking lounge @ Sala de Juntes

14:00 End of the day