DKRA-Winter Rentals 2019/20

September 2019 until April 30 2012 (in most cases)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your interest in Discover Kelowna Resort Accommodations - DKRA's - "extended term" 2019/20 winter rentals.

We are now able to offer the following suites for rental between September 2019 until April 30 2020 - which coincides with the main school year. We can only offer this extended term rental period as we transition all our suits from and into pre-booked vacation rentals for the summer period (May through August), as we have done over the past 14 years. We believe we offer high end accommodations for affordable prices here in Kelowna with nearly all units being inclusive of all utilities, Internet/Cable TV and furnishings. Most suites have SHAW unlimited Internet 300 with 137 cable channels. Although we target our rentals for those that have requirements in line with the school year, we welcome applications from all of the general public so long as all are willing to sign up for this strict *8 month rental period - A Mutual End of Tenancy Form will need to be completed for all rentals to safeguard you as a tenant and DKRA on behalf of its Owner clients.

*Sometimes, we can negotiate with the suites owner for part of May to also be available for selected tenants as we know some academic sports/courses overrun.

To view any of our suites, you will need to fill out an application form 1st and send it in to us. In the mean time, all our suites can be photo viewed on the main website.

You can NOT book a Winter Rental via the website, we have blocked them all out - as DKRA have to perform due diligence on all prospective renters.

DKRA perform background checks on all potential renters and may also do a credit score as well. By signing the application form, either you or possibly a parent may have this search facility performed against them. We take peoples privacy and situation seriously and credit searches will only be performed on pre-approved applicants.

Below, you will find the most current listings and application form. You will need to read the instructions following the application download so that you may fill out the application successfully. All intended tenants will need to fill out a separate application form along with at least one parent if tenants are under the age of 25. This may mean you have one of your parents on your form, as well as the same parent submitting their own form.

We look forward to hearing from you! - - 250-860-7368 / 1-877-763-9290

You WILL need to submit an application and email it in with your choice of unit to be recognised as a prospective tenant - You can NOT book a suite online!

*Important Notes*

· Charles M Suites is located in the the Lower Mission Area and laundry facilities are shared in the building by all suites (no extra costs).

· Discovery Bay 629 has a maximum occupancy of 4 people within the 3 living areas.

· Herons 321 has construction nearby and has been priced accordingly

· Total occupancy listed is the maximum number of tenants allowed per unit - no stay overs, no sub-leasing allowed (But, you can have your parents stay over anytime).

· Studio/1 Bed suites may have an extra person (such as a couple) upon DKRA agreement only - please state if you are a couple.

· University suites - U5 (116, 119) may be available on request from 8 months up to 1 year.

DKRA strive to provide accurate information in all our advertising, terms and conditions, but sometimes the tech gremlins do appear, and we ask that you inform us of any information updates that you think are required. All rentals are offered in good faith by DKRA on behalf of the suite owners, who are mainly individuals and there is from time to time, suites that are sold during the course of the lease term which is out of our control. Working within the Residential Tenancy Act of BC we do have to ask that tenants make available their suite for viewings at notified times. We ask all owners on your behalf to guarantee if a suite is sold, that current commitments are fulfilled - but this is down to the buyer/seller negotiations, the RTA of BC and not DKRA.


↓Suites Available - Update - February 19 , 2019 19:50 PDST↓

↑Suites Available - Update - February 19 , 2019 19:50 PDST↑

↓Fill this in Immediately - Residential Application Form 2019/20↓

↑Residential Application Form 2019/20↑

↓ Application Form Instructions ↓

NOTE: If you are using Adobe Acrobat reader latest version, you can do a lot of the information filling-in using

TOOLS, Fill & Sign, or print it off enter as much detail as you can and then scan and email it back to us.

Application instructions:

You will need to download your application sheet and have everyone who is to be named on the lease (resident as well as 1 parent/guardian unless you are above the age of 30) fill one in each and submit it back to:

Section 1: Tenant Information:

· Tenants name, Date of Birth, Contact Information, Parent or Guardian information

· After indicating the landlord or parent/guardians Name and phone number, fill out the employer, supervisor name and work phone number for yourself, remember to put "As Above" if the work information is for you.

· If you are not receiving income, then the work information should be filled out with your parent/guardians information.

Section 2: Previous Rental Information:

· Address in full, length of tenancy, reason for leaving and landlord phone number

(This may be your parents and you home address if you have never lived away from home before)

Section 3: Relevant information:

· Full Names of all intended occupants, smoker, student status, criminal history, previous evictions, non-payment of rent or breached lease information

Section 4: Personal References:

· Two person references that are not related to you, a signature and date

· When using Adobe Fill and Sign, typing your full name as a signature counts as an electronic signature and its valid

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us!

Yours in hospitality,

Tim Lalor

Operations Manager

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